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aerial shot of a mansion in New Canaan, CT

Would love to know your opinion on this one!

A New Canaan, CT home…almost 12,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, 2 partial bats, a pool, several fireplaces, library, exercise room, water view all on 4.5 acres of gorgeous property.  This home is listed by Sotheby’s International Realty for $7.99 million dollars.

It is quite a grand house as you can see from the view above.

Now for the style…Sotheby’s calls the architecture Colonial and the decor inside is definitely an eclectic mix leaning towards mid century modern.

What an interesting surprise to see modern retro decor inside a home that has rather traditional architecture.  Very interesting indeed.   Who says the inside has to match the outside of a home?   Not quite my style but I can see where someone might like this.  You decide in today’s SEE THIS HOUSE!

tradition stone exterior of a mansion with black shutters, columns and a red door
A traditional exterior with stone front, columns, black shutters and a red door! (above)

foyer in a mansion with white columns and a wood floor with a view into the living room
The foyer with traditional columns leads straight into the modern living room. (above)

Living room in a mansion with wood floor, fireplace with a Warhol style portrait on the mantel, french doors with neutral floor length curtains and matching arm chairs and sofa.

Den in a mansion with a mid century modern vibe with a stone fireplace, a Noguchi coffee table, dueling sofas, and a wall mounted TV
The den has a distinctly mid century modern vibe with the stone fireplace and the furnishings including a Noguchi coffee table. (above)

Den in a mansion with an open kitchen, dueling sofas and a Noguchi coffee table

white, dine in kitchen in a mansion with french doors and windows, dark wood floors, a pendant style chandelier, and white upholstered chairs surrounding a dark wood rectangle table
The white kitchen with gray counters and stainless appliances leans is more of a nod to the traditional bones of the home. (above and below)

white kitchen in a mansion with dark wood floors, an island, wire chairs, stainless appliances and a pendant style chandelier

dark wood paneled library in a mansion with a fireplace, four armchairs, two white, two brown, built in book shelves full of books and a wall mounted tv
A modern take on a dark wood paneled library. (above)

exterior of a white, traditional mansion in Connecticut

So what do you think of this home…this mix of styles?  What do you like…what don’t you like?  Would you take it or leave it?  I would take it and change out all of the furniture for something a little more neutral in style and get rid of some of the stone around the fireplaces and add some flowers, pillows and throws to warm things up a bit in the home…then it could possibly work for me…I’d take it if someone offered it to me as a gift.  I would!  Wonder what you might do on this one?  Hmmm…curious to know!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Busy week ahead!  Hope yours is good!

Photos: Sotheby’s Realty


  1. Yes, I’ll take it! But I would definitely need to add some color and pattern into the space! Let’s change the drapes and after we redo the fireplace we could paint the woodwork and wallpaper the back of the bookcase!

  2. First of all, just like the clothes we wear are a relfection of who we are inside (especially if money is no object), so should the exterior of the house reflect the style inside. “Colonial” says warm and welcoming. A spare minimalist interior with stark white paint everywhere, says something very different. Not that there is anything wrong with minimalist. Just put it in the right context. The colonial style is classic. The large stone on the front and back is not. It’s too casual and “up north”. The back view of the house with the mowed grass that is VERY LONG, tells you this house has probably been on the market a long time (Just a guess)Warm up the inside a bit with maybe some oreintal rugs, drop the price substantionally, and it might move. Just sayin’

  3. Personally, I think the house is beautiful inside and out. I am not a follower of the rules–the interior style should match the exterior style. I think this home is interesting. I love it when owners style their homes according to their own personal tastes despite popular opinion. If it makes you feel at home, you’ve made the best decor decisions for you. Great call on this one! I’m sure you will get a lot of interesting comments & critiques. Can’t wait to read them all!

  4. It’s a beautiful house, they did a great job making it feel modern and warm. The front of the house would like much nicer if they removed the stones from the middle section of the facade. It feels a little to cluttered with the amount of shutters and windows already there, would look great just white like the rest of the exterior.

  5. Hmmmn when I saw the photo from above I thought WOW! But how disappointing, the colours of the facade look funny without any plants around. I like the look of the kitchen, but no sink in an island bench for me and while on first glance the furnishings look lovely, when you take a good look, it doesn’t seem to have much life – Not so sure I want a picture of a dictator in my lounge room either!
    Pass… 😀 Kate

  6. If I had a zillion dollars I would spice that house right up with colorful furniture, huge colorful abstract paintings, fun wallpaper and a more modern atmosphere…then I would have a huge tent party every weekend in my backyard…everyone is invited.

    Great pictures and fun to see such a beautiful home!

    Laura Dro

  7. Dear Coco …
    Getting ready to redo a bland old bathroom and I’m pretty hellbent on putting in a copper Japanese soaking tub. But I’m not really a fan of the Japanese design esthetic. I’d really love to figure out a way to make it work with an old-style (ok ancient!) Roman marble bath. Your thoughts welcome!

  8. Very unusual inside and out. Needs an overhaul to say the least. Not my style whatsoever and would made me uncomfortable just looking at the pics. Besides, the pool is too small!
    Needs a nice patio and guest house at that area. I’d be happier to live there- if I designed it!

  9. First, I have to say that I love this house and would take it in its entirety (if I were to hit the powerball, that is!). Of course, I’m not a fan of white walls, so I’d have to add some color, but other than that I think it’s beautiful. To me it’s a well-executed mix of styles.

    But, the range of comments you’ve gotten so far is so really interesting. Maybe it’s because I’m from the northeast, and even lived in the next town over from New Canaan for several years, but this mix of styles doesn’t bother me at all. In this part of New England eclecticism is the norm, and it’s not at all uncommon to see a mix of styles like this. Keep in mind, they maintained the integrity of the colonial structure and added the modern touches with furnishings. And in that vein, the Warhol Mao and the Avedon Nastassja Kinski with Snake are completely in keeping.

    As for the exterior, large fieldstone is very common around here, as any drive through the backroads will show. The woods are lousy with old stone walls. Personally, I’d probably add more landscaping, but I like to garden. Some folks like simple lawns.

    Thanks for posting this….it was fun! I love to see all the responses!

  10. The exterior design is appropriate for New Caanan, CT. Even though midcentury is not my style, the homeowners have reflected their taste in a way that works inside the home. They kept the interior structure and finish work authentic to it’s style so resale shouldn’t be an issue (probably more the price tag in these days).

    I agree with you, Coco. If I were to have this home, I would add personal touches as in pillows, artwork, etc. and definitely replace furniture that is a bit more inviting.

    Judy G.

  11. Like Mies would say ”Less is more”, I think there is too much of more in this home, the columns the midmodern decor don’t quite talk to each other,it is nice to expect the unexpected but this is too much of a surprise…

  12. I love the roof color of this house! Ok, maybe house is the wrong word, mansion is probably better. I was really surprised by the interior, like you I think the interior would be nicer more classic for this home. But what really surprised me is how small the inside looked. It is probably just how the photos were taken but I imagined everything looking grand and open but it doesn`t look like that at all. I love the aerial shot. It looks like there is a pool house. I wouldn`t mind living in the pool house if someone else gets this house!
    Wonder who lives here with all that modern decor.

    Have a great week Coco.


  13. I can’t say I’m a fan of the stonework or roof of the exterior. However, the kitchen is beautiful and I love the image of Chairman Mao in the living room.

  14. I’m from the northeast, but something about this house feels off.

    It looks like a very new build and is lacking warmth and character.

    While I do love houses with some stone, this is not working for me.

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