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modern kitchen in a Soho Condo in New York with white walls, pendant lights and a brick island

Multi million dollar New York!

A fantastic Soho Condo loft apartment with around 4,300 square feet of indoor living space is listed by Eklund Stockholm New York for just a mere $10 million dollars.

5 bedrooms, 3 baths and exterior living space that is about 2200 square feet, this 3 story downtown penthouse flat sports fantastic city views.

I like.  Take a look.

living room in a Soho Condo in New York with white sofa, gray table, decorative mirrors, gray floor length curtains, and orange accents

alternative view living room in a Soho Condo in New York with white sofa, gray table, decorative mirrors and orange accents

Kitchen in a Soho Condo in New York City with wood floors and black chairs

Den in a Soho Condo in New York with white sofas, a low wooden table, gray wall bookcase and fireplace

Office in a Soho Condo in New York City with white walls, black mirrors and an animal skin rug

Bedroom in a Soho Condo in New York City that overlooks a balcony

Balcony for a Soho Condo in New York City with wicker chairs and table and orange and grey accent pillows

What do you think of this New York City apartment?  Would you take it or leave it?

I’d take it…modify some of the staged furniture and finishes…but I’d take it. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Is it possible to have both a great weekend and a totally stressful weekend at the same time?  Well I don’t need to ask that question because I did.  Spent a wonderful fab weekend with TE, his brother ME and his sweet sister-in-law SE.  We had such a great time…on Abbot Kinney in Venice, at the Soho House having dinner, at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills watching a group of very tipsy people dance their way through dinner and then end with a girl doing a full split in the middle of the restaurant, at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge for brunch where we saw a lady from the Real Housewives and at the Bel-Air Hotel for drinks.  A totally fun weekend.  ME and SE were so sweet and nice.   I felt so at home with them.  Oh and TE isn’t bad either!  The flip side, was my poor sweet little dog, Mr. Boo (my chin poo), had to have emergency back surgery for a ruptured disc on Sunday.  Poor little guy couldn’t walk all of a sudden and we had to rush him into the hospital for treatment on Saturday night.  Today he is doing fine…still weak and can barely walk but he made it through the surgery.  All is okay I think.  So to answer my own question…yes one can have both a great time and a stressful time all in one!  Also, a huge thank you to TE, ME and SE for being by my side through all of the emergency room stuff.  They were so supportive!

Dog sitting on a stack of COCOCOZY Logo pillows
My Mr. Boo.  This photo was taken a few months ago.  Mr. Boo is posing on a stack of COCOCOZY Logo pillows during our big catalog shoot!  Get well soon Mr. Boo! (above)
Beverly Hills Hotel's private label champagne bottle
Late Sunday brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel includes their own private label champagne. (above)

P.P.S.  Hope you have a great week ahead!

Photos: Eklund Stockholm New York


  1. Poor sweet Mr.Boo! Glad to hear that he is doing better. What a scare that must have been. The photo of him on the pillows is too cute, just want to reach out and give him a little hug.

    Oooo and that home is gorgeous!

    Give Mr.Boo and gentle hug for me!


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