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A $14.6 million dollar Hamptons home in Sagaponack…11,760 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 10.5 baths, a pool, wine cellar, oak library, 5 fireplaces, tennis court, home theater, gym and more…listed for sale by Saunders Realty.

So before best of friend AM got married and had kids, every summer she rented a Hamptons house with a group of her friends – the house was right in Sagaponack. I went to that house a few weekends over the years…while AM’s roommates were very cool, the house was not…it was crickety, old, musty and all of the summer friends who stayed there would all say they thought the house had “character”…I thought it was just old, unkempt and almost rundown with a bit of “character” thrown in. What I did love was Sagaponack – the town.  AM’s summer share was just blocks from the beach and not to far from the local restaurants and it was just divine for a summer city getaway. Because AM is one of my best of friends (other best of friend being FF), I felt fully at liberty to nag her every summer about when she would be changing houses and getting out of her rickety summer share…she ignored me but I was unrelenting. In no way shape or form due to my nagging, finally AM is no longer in the summer share in Sagaponack. Woot woot. Now, I’ve changed my nagging tune to adoring encouragement…I want her to BUY a Hamptons house – in Sagaponack would be great! This multi millions dollar listing here would do. I would certainly come visit AM, her sweet husband JE and her kiddies over the summer if she could get into this house. Let’s see – I’d have my own room or maybe two rooms…I’d lounge by the pool…play a little tennis (my serve is TERRIBLE but I could perfect it on a private court)…I’d even be as brash as to invite my own friends over for a little summer cocktail party…oh and I might even have a COCOCOZY textiles trunk show there and invite a bunch of chitter chattering Hamptons ladies for a long afternoon…not quite your ideal house guest…but I think AM would bear with me…maybe…I think…I hope…! (I also hope AM reads this post…hint hint AM!)

Anyhooo…so this house is a Gambrel style house…had to look up what that “Gambrel” means. Of course Wikipedia has the answers to everything. Allegedly, Gambrel refers to the architecture and roof line of a home…here’s the definition:

GAMBREL DEFINITION (source Wikipedia)
“A gambrel (also known as a Dutch gambrel) is a usually-symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. The upper slope is positioned at a shallow angle, while the lower slope is steep. This design provides the advantages of a sloped roof while maximizing headroom on the building’s upper level. The name comes from the Medieval Latin word gamba, meaning horse’s hock or leg. Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and English mariners and traders had visited or settled in to the area of southeast Asia now called Indonesia prior to permanent European settlement in America. In Indonesia, they saw dwellings with a roof style where the end of a roof started as a hip and finished as a gable end at the ridge.”

So I like this house…even though it is totally empty, I can imagine how wonderful it could be.  It has such great bones, large windows, dark wood floors, large rooms and just the right amount of molding, paneling and trim.  Love the kitchen with its marble counters and white cabinetry and oh did I mention the 5 fireplaces? Just looked at the top of the post and I did mention them…but I’ll mention them again.  Oh and for you wine lovers (I don’t drink wine…I only drink champagne…wine gives me a SPLITTING head ache so I can conveniently only drink champagne), there is a wine cellar!

Take a look!

foyer with a grand staircase and wood floor
A grand staircase is the centerpiece of the home’s foyer. (above)

 enormous living room with wrap around french doors and windows and a fireplaces
Living large in this estate’s enormous living room with its wrap around french doors and windows and one of the home’s fireplaces. (above)

empty dining room with a fireplace, french doors and windows with a wood floor
I think this is the dining room…I imagine a long oval wood table, some Louis XVI side chairs upholstered in a friendly light fabric, a large brass chandelier (I have my favorite in mind) and an arrangement of botanicals above a side board on the right hand wall. (above)

kitchen with hardwood floors, white marble counters, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and a huge island with pendant lights
A gourmet kitchen with hardwood floors, white marble counters, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and a huge island with the perfect pendant lighting. (above and below)

alternative view of the kitchen with hardwood floors, white marble counters, stainless steel appliances, white cabinets and a huge island with pendant lights

 oak paneled library with wood floor, large windows and a built in bookcase
Time to get cozy with a book in the oak paneled library! (above)

wine cellar with brick walls and brick herringbone floor
A wine lovers delight…a private wine cellar (above and below)

wine cellar with brick walls, wooden racks and brick herringbone floor

large white master bathroom with lots of widows, white cabinets and a stand alone tub
A stand alone tub stands alone in a large white master bath. (above)

empty bedroom with wood floors and large windows
Perhaps the master bedroom or one of my two rooms in the house. (above)

Aerial view of a house in the hamptons
Aerial view is quite nice…love all of the welll manicured bright green grass – my type of yard! (above)

So what do you think of this Hamptons house?  Would you take or leave?  What might you add into this empty nest to make it your own?  Is it too big…or just right?

AM, no pressure at all, but I would be very very happy to spend a summer visiting you in this house…no pressure…really…!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Had a nice dinner last night with TH at Fig & Olive here in Los Angeles.  Hadn’t seen him in awhile and we gabbed until 11:15pm.  Very nice dinner.

P.P.S.  Dear friend AT is also in town from London…she is staying in Malibu…oh what a life!  She and I had drinks at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge two nights ago…and it was so fun.

P.P.P.S.  Oh…one of my dear readers and now COCOCOZY customers, Paula B. sent me some pictures of COCOCOZY throw and COCOCOZY vintage in her home. Here are the photos…oh and they look so good!

 a one of a kind white x-bench upholstered in COCOCOZY Logo Gray fabric in a hallway with wood floors
From COCOCOZY vintage – a one of a kind white x-bench upholstered in COCOCOZY Logo Gray fabric…looks fantastic in Paula B.’s home if I do say so myself! (above)

 COCOCOZY Plaid Solid Throw in gold on Paula B.'s brown leather chair
A COCOCOZY Plaid Solid Throw in gold on Paula B.’s brown leather chair…works perfectly! There is only one more of these in stock in this color because they’ve been quite popuar…nice buy Paula! (above)

Thank you Paula B. for sharing these photos…they really made my day to see COCOCOZY in action!

P.P.P.P.S.  Thank you and a belated Happy Birthday to Blair FowlerElle and Blair Fowler are sisters and are YouTube make up girl sensations…between the two sisters, their YouTube channels have had over 100 million page views. They just show people how to put on makeup, do hair and fashion and some other stuff.  Their videos are mesmerizing.  I lent some COCOCOZY pillows to Blair for her 19th birthday party and she was so sweet to give COCOCOZY a shout out on her blog.  I also gave Blair a little COCOCOZY gift…so now she has a bit of COCOCOZY in her home too!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Have a lunch today…I want to wear a purple dress and a sparkling cardigan but it is FREEZING outside (55 degrees is FREEZING to me)…be cold or look cute, that is the question!

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Photos: Saunders Realty


  1. I think your friend should buy the house just for the cool wine cellar. I`m not even a big wine fan, but to have a cool cellar like this I might just start! From the aerial shot it looks like she will have to build the tennis court for you, I say you go with a blue court instead of green. You could always say you`ll throw in some Cococozy pillows and throws to help decorate the place!


  2. this is my DREAM house! Absolutely beautiful. I love the dark wood floors and clean white walls, kitchen, bathrooms. The wine celler is a major bonus too 🙂

  3. Why don’t we all chip and share the costs, I’ll go you halves 😀 it’s gorgeous, and a perfect blank canvas!

    Not so sure I like the fact that the neighbours appear quite close by. Loving the grate on the air vent to Paula 😀

  4. Should be turned into a Design Show House… what a beautiful blank canvas, that makes the imagination go deco-wild!

  5. This is another example of a out-of scale typical gambrel. there are mutch better examples of gambrel style homes out there. the fake stone with the bell roof is hidius it looks like it belongs in nassau county not the hamptons

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