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So…I am not too familiar with the South. Am sorry to say have not spent much time traveling the southern part of our nation. This is not to say I haven’t been south at all…have had quick glimpses of North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and others over the years.

Truth be told the most of the time I’ve spent in the South has been in New Orleans visiting with best of friend FF. I’ve spent a lot of time New Orleans and love it. Because of my glamorous visits to my friend’s fabulous mansion in New Orleans, I think I think that all Southerners lead a genteel life and live in mansions or in grand estates.

Could my deductive reasoning here be flawed? You tell me. The South = New Orleans = I’ve only seen grand mansions on St. Charles Avenue when I am in New Orleans = so all Southerners live in grand mansions! Tah dah. Is this correct? A+B=G. That’s the way I rationalize things in my life. For example, when I’m shopping, I use the same type of reasoning. Cute black dress = I’ve seen many cute black dresses in the Prada store = the only place that has cute black dresses is the Prada store because I’ve seen cute black dresses there = I must buy a black dress from Prada. See how it works? Makes sense? Right? (Rhetorical…don’t answer).  I think we took a whole section on reasoning in law school…clearly I must have had an itsy bit of trouble with that course…hmmm…

Anyhoooo…to try to justify my faulty reasoning…I went and found another grand mansion in the South. This time outside of Atlanta. So there…more grand estates in the south.  See?

This one is almost 18,000 square feet on over 20 acres of land. 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, a pool, guest house, right on a lake too. Hmmm…must get to the South more often to see more grand mansions!

Oh did I mention the price tag of $19.9 million for this traditional Georgian style brick house (large house)?  Take a look at some Southern charm!

Love the color on the library walls…I call this color Philadelphia blue because I’ve seen it throughout the historic buildings there. (above)

I think I love the parquet floors in the foyer and the herringbone wood floors in the hallway the most. Then comes the color of that library! I also think that bath is quite nice.

Does this Southerner charm you? Would you take this house or leave it? What do you like? What might you change? Do tell!

Happy Tuesday! (Happy back to school!)


Photos: Sotheby’s International Realty


  1. Am I the only person who thinks the dining room table is going the wrong way?? Loving the floors, but that’s about it…the decor needs some serious attention.

  2. Very nice! but it’s just not doing it for me…. it’s very blue and something is just unsettling about it. Amazing how just the pictures can make you feel yay or nay. If I had 100 million, maybe (because it would take that much to take care of it…)

  3. I agree, the dining table is going in the wrong direction! And the night stand in the master bedroom is out of scale. But I can’t deny the house is gorgeous, the architectural details and moldings are superb! Great Post!

  4. I would leave this one, and would much prefer a smaller, cozier space. I think this needs the influence of a great designer – the scale and colors are all off to me. But the worst offenders in my mind are the light, birch-wood (?) in the kitchen that looks way too modern for the house and some of the rich finishes, and the dining room table that is oriented the wrong way (in my opinion). But, some of the architecture is beautiful – the marble bathroom with the black painted window trim is my favorite!

  5. As an Atlantan, I feel compelled to speak to this post. First off, we have far more beautiful Georgian homes for 20M than this new, in the burbs mansion. The roof line of the main house is architecturally too low. Which leads me to speculate that this house is a spec house for the newly moneied crowd moving into the region. The state of Georgia has way to many beautiful 5-20M houses which should have been featured, rather than this one.

    Please come visit Atlanta to start your tour of southern homes and lifestyles. You would be amazed that living in Georgia rivals all the other 49 states with the exception perhaps of Virginia.

  6. There are alot of beautiful homes in Atlanta, but this isn’t one of them. I see a lot of mistakes in the construction and interior design looks like it is just staged to sell — not a house people live in. Well, except for the guy who left his bottle of Jack Daniels on the family room end table. So sad to see a lot of wasted money on this one. Taxes and maintenance would be a killer too. Odds are it will be in foreclosure soon. A lot of poor choices here.

  7. I’m from south Mississippi, Laurel to be exact, but New Orleans originally! My parents next door neighbors house is so similar to the house above! Her formal living room has the exact same “Philadelphia” blue!! The neighbors are kind and very generous as well! You should visit the South more!

  8. Coco it is a gorgeous house indeed. However I have seen many historical homes in Kansas City just as fabulous and not at that price.


    Art by Karena

  9. *** Um, yeah, well, “no” from me… Most DEFINITELY NO… It even LOOKS foreboding!!!

    *** Personally, I find it cold and lacking earnest warmth… (the only saving grace MIGHT be the bathroom, but then again, it’s actually more the “norm” in any high-end home, and we really see THESE everyday, don’t we?)…

    A house overlooking the water in So Cal (I was born n’ bred there) and a great ski-in/ski-out chalet in Park City/Deer Valley, etc., would suit my dreams A*N*D heart sooooooo much more!!! (And I’d save a few million ~~~ more decorating money!!! Yippee!!!)..

    THANKS for sharing!

    Linda in AZ *
    [email protected]

  10. Hi Coco!

    I grew up in New Orleans, and lol…. all those mansions give me the total creeps! ICK! So formal and over the top. When we were kids we weren’t allowed to touch anything and everything was so precious, not to be broken, formal dining, formal living… ugh…. Now, I love relaxed country style, distressed this, if it breaks, oh well…. nothing too precious in my home. I love to live… not sit in a museum. I once had a townhouse with 15 foot ceilings, I would have panic attacks because it reminded me of all the houses in New Orleans. I grew up in an old Victorian right off of Saint Charles avenue behind Prytania street on a street called Pitt. I’m not even sure if it’s still standing after Katrina. I’ve been in a lot of those St. Charles mansions. My grandparents lived on Saint Charles right across from the Latter memorial library. I do love Street Cars! New Orleans can be a fun place to visit, but, it’s no fun growing up there! I love the west! Happy Labor Day!

  11. Ah! I think its an incredible home. The rooms are a bit large, making it feel a little cold. I personally like small houses. Makes for a cozy feel! All in all it is a stunning piece of property.

  12. Rhetoric, or not, I assure you this home is not the norm, and most houses are built on concrete slabs, with owners hoping to survive torrential storms. Even the mansions in Bayou St. John are struggling to stay together, as the Southern weather is hard on construction. The poor N.O. economy is prohibitive for the majority of residents to enjoy this large house style. The interior is quite boring.

  13. Illogical reasoning my dear Coco. Come to the great South and let your blogger buddies show you the real deal. You might start by checking out my great neighborhood at Homes come in every conceivable size but all share one thing in common- wonderful front porches for visiting with your neighbors. Yes, we know them all.

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