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Empty great room with dueling fireplaces, French chalked wood paneling, parquet floors and magnificent floor to ceiling window
The great room in a $35 million dollar home features dueling fireplaces, French chalked wood paneling, parquet floors and magnificent floor to ceiling windows! (above)

Uhhmmm…I can’t help it…every time I think of wood paneling I think of the 70s…and cheap paneling in homes across the country. Even when I see it some of the finest homes…I still think 70s. And I don’t really love it. I’ve always thought of paneling as dark and depressing…but this house might have changed my point of view.

Well for the first time in a long time…I’m liking paneling…it just happens to be in a $35 million dollar real estate listing in East Hampton! That’s all. Makes sense. I only love the paneling in the multimillion dollar home for sale – part of my problem; I tend to gravitate towards the more expensive as opposed to the more reasonably priced…ooops.

Anyhoooo…back to the house for sale…7 bedrooms, 7 baths, 12,000 square feet. Here is the listing description:

“12,000 sq ft mansion on elevated site with 203 ft frontage on Georgica Pond and adjacent to 17 acre meadow reserve. Premiere quality construction featuring 30 ft high living room with French chalked paneling, hand-pegged parquet floors, 18th century carved stone fireplaces, walnut paneled library, media room, huge family room/kitchen opening to Turkish limestone terrace with waterside infinity-edge pool and hot tub. Separate 2 bedroom guest cottage.”

Here’s the rest of the house…paneling and all!

Aerial view of a mansion in East Hampton

Foyer with French chalked wood paneling, black staircase railing and tile floor
The foyer (above)

Library with dark stained wood floor and wood paneling and an arched door
The library is paneled in dark stained wood for a more cozy feel (above)

Open kitchen with columns, beadboard ceiling, dark wood floor, marble counter tops and back splash and wrap around French doors and windows
The open and airy kitchen and family room gets lots of light from wrap around french windows and doors. (above)

Second floor with light wood paneling, black railing and a coffered ceiling
The light colored wood paneling creeps up into the second floor landing.(above)
Master bedroom with light wood paneling and ceiling, wood floor and a fireplace
Cool master bedroom with wood on ceilings and interesting architecture AND a great fireplace (above)

Master bathroom with tile floor, wood paneled walls and cabinets, wood ceiling and a stand alone tub
The master bath (above)

exterior of a mansion in East Hamptons

So would you take this wood paneling or leave it? I would take it…$35 million home and all!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Thank you all for the nice comments on my sneak peek post yesterday of COCOCOZY Spring 2011 home furnishings collection! You really made me feel great! I mean it. Some of you asked where you could buy…I will be offering the line on COCOCOZY in a bit this month and hopefully some stores around the country will be offering it too in the future. Thank you for the overwhelming and tremendous amount of support! xoxoxoxo

Photos: Sotheby’s International

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  1. Unreal. I’m diggin the paneling too. But can I be honest? That kitchen, while fabulous, leaves a little to be desired in such an astonishing home. All of the windows are absolutely beyond, especially above the sink, but otherwise it’s a little lackluster?! Or is this just me?

  2. I would not know where to begin to make a house this large actually feel like a home. I do like the dark stained floors. Otherwise, no thanks.

  3. It is obvious that this house was designed to allow for some wonderful furniture arrangements, complete with plenty of space for the furniture to breathe! The architectural bones of the space feel good, which makes the decorator’s job easier. The great room is a perfect place to have multiple furniture groupings to allow for diverse conversations and gatherings of people when entertaining happens and to allow for more intimate conversations as well. Would love to assist the future owners to furnish the home – I can just see how wonderful it will feel.

  4. Obviously some great examples here but must admit that I have always loved wood paneling done right. Take a look at Greet of Belgian Pearls blog – her family’s company Lefèvre produces the most exquisite paneling that I coincidentally featured today.

  5. I love it (and your Blog) but….the ‘anywhoooo’ has got to stop. It’s right up there with ‘fun’, good people’, ‘amazing’, etc etc. Please don’t get mad and block me!

  6. I would paint it all white. And I agree with the comment about the kitchen being lack lustre. This home deserves a MUCH more impressive kitchen!

  7. I agree: the wood paneling does work in this house; it looks nice, possibly because the spaces are so large.

    You might like the house, but the Hamptons is something else again. We used to go 25 years ago when it was still “the beach” and unpretentious. Now, we can’t take the ambiance: there is no need to shop at Chanel at the beach, imho. Plus, all the Wall Street guys who stole the money hang out in the Hamptons.

    My family and I now go to the Cape, where the grandest houses are still basically beach houses and simple. The Kennedy house on the Cape is a shack compared to these Hamptons places.

    Well, enough dialectical materialism for one design blog. Sorry, I was venting.

  8. Thank you so much for this post! It is so inspirational for my job!!
    I am so glad you loved this wood paneling and indeed as you said, most of the people think of dark wood, but here in Belgium most of the paneling is in oak wood and very light stained!
    Gorgeous post! Thank you!

  9. So much to love about this house but the master bath is a little TOO woody for me. Not that I would turn it down šŸ™‚

    Katie @ Goodsy

  10. The paneling in this house should be painted!!! People move to the Hamptons just for that classic, white, satin finished paneling, with coffered ceilings alike. Notice this house has been on the market for over TWO YEARS!!!!! and they’ve dropped the price over 5 million dollars since this post!!! When I first saw this place, I thought it was unfinished, as is, ready for your own “touch,” if I may, but to find out that somebody actually did this to a house?!?!?!? WHAT????? How can you create a “French” masterpiece in the middle of preppy, white painted, mecca?…..I don’t know about you but I would much rather prefer white painted paneling to a wood, any day. This home was originally designed by the legendary Stanford White, and the current owner made extensive renovations and actually turned the original house 90 degrees to get a better view of Georgica Pond. He would have been much better off doing all that but painting it WHITE!!! How much would it have cost? Probably another couple hundred thousand to finish the place in white, but nope, it’s now $5 million cheaper and there still doesn’t seem to be that much interest. PAINT IT WHITE!!!! That would have brought the buyers in from all over!!! You want a French styled, limestone fireplace, 12,000 sf mansion?….buy in France……. And the kitchen, oh the kitchen……WHAT!!!???? How can you put a big, BLACK La Corneau range hood in the middle of a custom milled kitchen?, a kitchen that would have been much better off with a WHITE kitchen with calacatta marble countertops. It not only makes that the focal point of the kitchen (and it shouldn’t be), but it chops the gorgeous view in half!!! Bathrooms, still, painted, calacutta, chrome, classic, the same as what I said above. Overall, lots of work to be done on this house, and I mean LOTS….too much work…that’s why it hasn’t sold yet!!! But the up side to all of this, you still have time to hit the lottery and snatch this hidden diamond in the rough up (only now it ONLY….$29.995 mil)!!!

    P.S. I would rip out those parquet floors as soon as set foot in that place, along with the “marble” foyer… looks dusty and dated… A POLISHED, Black and White marble 24×24 inch marble foyer on a diagonal would make the WHITE, true Hamptons, look pop……well, that’s my two sense.

    P.S.S. I absolutely love this house through and through!!! The craftsmanship is impeccable, it just needs a “Refresher.” It’s in the ideal location for living the prepster lifestyle, and I would buy it any day, and with a “few” renovations, this place, ah…..I’d never want to leave……

    P.S.S.S. This house reminds me of Grayson Manor from Revenge on ABC!!!!! (with a little work)…….

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