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exterior of a stone tudor style estate

So I missed the State of the Union last night. I was picking up COCOCOZY catalogs, doing a conference call on p.r., and getting my nails done. I know…I should have taken the time out to engage and learn what is going on in our country! Oy va voy. Am in a COCOCOZY textiles bubble…running hither and thither trying to get things done before I head off to the New York International Gift Fair to show my textiles collection this weekend. I hope I didn’t miss anything big…any big announcements. I wonder if anyone would tell me if I did. I guess I could actually read a newspaper and find out…but that would require me either getting a newspaper or taking the time to head over to a news website and actually read something worthwhile…hmmmm…nope…no time. Someone fill me in if I missed something big please…thank you.

Anyhooo…have been up since 5a (kind of a regular thing these days) and missing the state of the union got me to thinking not about the political landscape in our country but about my days in D.C. (I lived in D.C. during graduate school)…so that got me to thinking what it would be like to live in D.C. and then I started pondering D.C. real estate and I came upon this historic home in Washington, D.C. – our nation’s capital.  Now notice, I still have not pondered anything serious yet…nothing to do with economics, politics, the general welfare of our nation, education etc…oh dear…am worried…have I forgotten how to be a critical thinker, have I lost all sense of current events, have I become a one trick design pony?  Don’t answer…please…rhetorical question.

Anyhoooooo once again…  So onto this historic Washington D.C. estate.   This home is for sale for almost $7.5 million dollars and is listed by Sotheby’s International Realty. 6 bedrooms, 7 baths in 9,710 square feet, this home was built in 1929 by a philanthropist as a wedding gift for his daughter.  The exterior is stone with some Tudor accents and the interior as been completely renovated with all modern amenities.  Clearly this home is staged for selling.

I would take it and make it my own…lots of decorating to do definitely. Decor style is too generic but it is staged for sale. Even though not great design as shown, I could work with the bones of this place. Plus, if someone offered it to me, who am I to turn down a $7.5 million dollar home? Rhetorical question again.

My favorite part is the painted stone walls throughout and the fact that it has its own oval office! Take a look in today’s SEE THIS HOUSE!

Grand foyer with dark wood floors, stairs with iron railings and large pieces of modern art
The foyer features sleek dark wood floors. (above)

step down living room with long grey sofa, dark wood floors, built in bookcases, modern art and a carved stone fireplace mantel
The step down living room boasts a wonderful classic carved stone fireplace mantel that contrasts nicely with the modern finishes in the space. (above and below)

Alternate view of the living room showcasing the hide rug, long sofa and stairs into the room
I like the textured hide rug. (above)

kitchen with a stainless wolf stove and oven, farmhouse sink, white cabinets and wood floor
A Wolf stove and appliances compliment the stainless steel farmhouse sink in this home’s surprisingly normal size kitchen. (above)
Breakfast nook with white stone walls, Parsons white lacquer table, french doors and a black lantern style pendant light
A bright cute breakfast room with a white Parsons table, upholstered chairs and those fabulous painted stone walls. (above)

Oval home office with leather furniture, dark wood floors and an octagon pendant light
Not the White House, but this home has a modern take on an oval office! (above)

What do you think of this Washington, D.C. home?  Love it or leave it?  Would you pay $7.5 million for it?  Do tell.

Hope you all are doing well!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  The COCOCOZY catalog looks fantastic by the way…will reveal it a little later.  Thank you again for your help in picking the cover!

P.P.S.  Running like a chicken with no head today…AGAIN.  It has become my new normal!

P.P.P.S. Am bringing 5 pairs of boots to NYC + lots of other shoes…is that too much? Another question that I know the answer to…

P.P.P.P.S. Need to learn to pack light. Is there a class for this?

P.P.P.P.P.S. Reminder…Special Edition Valentine’s Day candles are still available!

Special Edition COCOCOZY Candle for Valentine's Day with gift box
Special Edition COCOCOZY Candle for Valentine’s Day –  $44 (above)

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Have a great day!  Really.  Make the best of the day and have a good one! 🙂


  1. Definitively, home staging has completly made it anonymous. Or people living there do not want to live traces of human activities. It lacks personnality and need some tender loving care. Also, It would be fine if we could see the floor plan. By the way, great idea that we don’t have to register or answer twenty questions to post on your blog. I often want to comment on something, but don’t do it because there is so many steps before posting that I don’t have the time to write by the time I am authorized. I really like your blog. Have ended many others for lack of time, but yours is quite special.
    Helene from Quebec city.

  2. Wow. my jaw is wide open… I am drooling. What a beautiful home… I can’t even imagine living in something like that!!!! And ummm I want a cococozy catalog! I love your style!!! And running around like a chicken with no head on is my norm so I hear ya on that one hahahah…

    & have fun in NY with tons of boots! I believe you can never bring too many shoes on a vacay!

  3. Wow, when I first saw the photo, I thought this was a NEW custom home — this looks like the “Old World European Stone” look that custom homebuilders have been doing around here (Charlotte, NC) for the last 10 years or so. I’m so much more interested in it knowing that it is a REAL historic property, instead of a Disney-fake-impersonation of one. I’ll bet there are a lot of interesting architectural details to rediscover and play up in this home. The smaller kitchen reflects the time period in which the home was built — kitchens weren’t showplaces back then, and in a home like this one it was probably a work room for staff, not a culinary play room and entertaining space for the homeowners as we think of our kitchens today.

    Is it worth the price tag? Depends on WHERE in D.C. the home is located, I guess, and how much land its on. But it’s beautiful, and definitely has some possibility. You crack me up the way you always say, “I’ll take it if anyone wants to give it to me.” If anyone ever offers you free real estate that you’re NOT interested in, feel free to pass it along to me! 😉

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