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All photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy

Sandra Bullock's ornate Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans
An ornate Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans known as the Koch-Mays House, The Swiss Chalet House or Freret’s Folley. (above)

This is the house that I coveted and took photos of back in 2008 when I was in New Orleans for my annual December trip to visit best of friend FF and her family for their spectacular holiday festivities. These are the photos. It was for sale back in 2008 and I even made the person I was with call the realtor to find out more about it including the price. I saw it first before it was made internationally famous by a Hollywood star.

It was one of only one or two (or three) houses I took pictures of in the Garden District that gorgeous December day in 2008. I wanted it. I adored it. I admired it. I felt like a pauper as I stood there peering through the fence, snapping photos and dreaming of what I might do with this house. I desperately needed the house at the time I thought. I even told best of friend FF who lives in a gorgeous grand home on St. Charles Avenue that I had found the house I wanted. So back in 2008, while in New Orleans, I decided this was absolutely the home I had to have. When I returned to Los Angeles, I did a post on this so called Swiss Chalet House (here is my December 2008 post and proof that I saw it first … seem petty?…don’t answer).

I knew one day I would own it. I was zeroed in on my dream home in New Orleans. You know…my laser focus kicked in.

It seems that my laser focus kicked in so much, it had me focusing on a million and half other things besides my so called New Orleans “dream home” right after getting back from New Orleans in December ’08 (is that called A.D.D.?). Which meant right after typing out my original Cococozy post on this house, I pretty much forgot about it…the house, the whole dream forgotten. Yup…forgot about it. (That’s the way I roll…)

Well last night, I happen to be on the interweb (Yahoo in particular) and I see a story about Sandra Bullock’s New Orleans home – the home she has moved into with her new adopted son Louis. When I click on the picture I come to find out that Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock stole the show by purchasing my New Orleans dream house last summer. AAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Sandra Bullock has swooped in and purchased my home right from underneath me. Well not quite. I did have almost 14 fortnights to consider before she bought it in the summer of 2009 (I love using the word fortnight…I could have just said almost 7 months…but had to figure out a way incorporate this erudite sounding measure of time into one of my posts…could be considered annoying and pretentious word usage by some…but those “some” would not appreciate my lock jaw cheeky humor anyway…am I beginning to sound British…wait this is a story about the South and New Orleans…I need a southern accent and need to stop yappin’ about fortnights and the like y’all).

Did I mention…there were also just a few obstacles that stood in my home purchasing way…that kept me from swooping in and buying this home before Sandra Bullock became the lucky owner: 1. The price…$2.25 million was/is/will be a little steep for me; 2. I live in Los Angeles and I work in Los Angeles and I would need to work in order to continue to live. Just some minor obstacles.

Considering all that she’s been through as of late, I am happy that at least it is this seemingly down-to-earth actress who swooped in and bought my house before me. I have always liked Sandra Bullock’s personal style, her public demeanor and now her taste in New Orleans homes!

I also realize, I am doing this story much later than most other blogs, newspapers, websites, t.v. shows and any other form of in-the-know resources…many of which were right on the latest celebrity and real estate news when they published their stories way back in August of last year.
I found out about this breaking news last night…so it breaking news at least to me if no one else.

This house is on Coliseum in the New Orleans Garden District. It was built back in 1876 by architect William Freret. Reports have it at over 6,600 square feet with 5 bedrooms. The ornate ironwork, the exquisite carved eaves and the wonderful roofline with its three steeples…looks like something out of a storybook. When this was my dream, I imagined all of the wonderful things that could be done with this house.

Dream is over for me but glad this house dream is a reality for Sandra Bullock and her new baby!

Sandra Bullock's ornate Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans
The historic home now owned by Sandra Bullock is on a corner lot and stands three stories high. (above)

Sandra Bullock's ornate Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans

Sandra Bullock's ornate Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans
Notice the “For Sale” sign on the iron gate…further proof that I saw it and coveted it while it was still on the market back in 2008! (above)

Metal gate outside Sandra Bullock's Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans

View of street outside Sandra Bullock's Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans
The view of street and neighborhood outside of Sandra Bullock’s New Orleans home.(above)

Well c’est la vie for me and good for Sandra!!

What do you think of this New Orleans home?


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All photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy


  1. hahaha I would totally repost that I saw it first!!! the garden district has some of the most beautiful homes, you should visit some of the plantations near by Gonzales and St.Amant I am obsessed with these houses with galleries that wrap around the entire house sigh…

  2. I think Sandra found this house on your blog, Coco! Your site came up over and over again for me when I was searching great ideas for my kitchen and you provided much help for me. Sandra was searching for her dream home and you led her right to it.
    Okay. Perhaps I’m stretching it here. But then again, perhaps not. She owes you an afternoon tea on her veranda.

  3. Great house – I especially love the historic feeling you get when you are in the Garden District.. with the brick-paved sidewalks and the mature trees. Well, at least you saw it first…

  4. I would love to see the inside. I bet it has so much character. Maybe I’ll stroll by the next time I’m in N.O. and she’ll just invite me in! haha

  5. The New Orleans House is my absolute dream house. The architecture is beautiful. Similar houses i’ve seen in Portugal. But this surpasses everything at the moment. Well that these buildings be preserved and maintained. I would like to see even from the inside,i´m shure that are beautiful thanks for the great photos regards jürgen

  6. Oh, Sandra has much better taste in homes than men! Jayson Home and Garden…For my dining room reno – I love their Serena chandelier, it would be perfect over my soon-to-be complete banquette and the vintage one of a kind Oushak runner would be fabulous in my adjacent hallway! Such a lovely stsore, thanks for introducing us Coco!

  7. Well, I’m happy that if you had to lose your house, that it went to Sandra. She’ll treat it right, and she deserves to have a wonderful home. Who knows, in your next life you may be an academy award-winning actress living in NOLA !

  8. u should really take her address picture of the post. i know people can find out but it is really an invasion of her privacy.

  9. I was just there on Monday, 4/9. It was gorgeous. The house next to it is the one from the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. John Goodman’s is down the street , formally Trent Reznor of NIN.

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