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charcoal gray cottage house with white trim flagstone path garden

Am partial to cottages.  I live in one.  Guess I should be partial.  I am also partial to waterfront homes.  I wish I had one.

I am also partial to champagne, sparkling headbands and jewelry, large mansions, ice cream sandwiches, quinoa, finding ways to be skinny without much effort, Rag & Bone jean leggings,  my sister, the silver pig that sits in my office, the James Perse jacket/sweatshirt/blazer cute thing I wear all of the time, there’s more…uhmmm…but I’m sure you would be bored beyond belief…so many things I am partial to but I digress (as usual).

Back to being partial to cottages and waterfront homes.  Imagine my delight when I saw this cute little summer home right on the water somewhere in Canada.  Charming. A cottage from the front…and a waterfront boathouse from the back.

Not sure I would want to live here day in and day out but I would love to spend a weekend in this charmer.  Benignly rustic and definitely cute.

cottage living room vaulted beamed ceiling pitched high ceilings stone fireplace white sectional
The original stone fireplace is the focal point of this remodeled cottage’s living room. (above)
black wicker chairs turned leg wood dining table glass pendant light modern country dining room
I like the idea of black wicker dining room chairs (above)
small kitchen island reclaimed wood cabinets beadboard backsplash cute
Reclaimed wood upper cabinets and island stand out against the white paneled wood walls in the kitchen. (above)
open floorplan living room dining room kitchen cottage style home
Open living room area…great for family time. (above)
boathouse Ontario Canada on Lake Rosseau house boat water view
A boathouse in Ontario Canada on Lake Rosseau(above)

What do you think…would like to live in this little cottage?  Anything you like?  Anything you would change?

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Style at Home

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  1. When I saw your comment “right on the water somewhere in Canada”, I thought to myself, “Well, that narrows it down a bit!” I can just imagine a Canadian blogger posting a picture of a home “right on the water somewhere in the United States”. I was pleased to see a little more detail on the last picture.

    Anyway, it’s gorgeous!

  2. I like the repeats of black and white and the brightness of it all. One might expect rustic and weathered. I’m available for a weekend visit.

  3. OMG heaven – sign me up. So gorgeous!

  4. This exterior picture is the boat house for the cottage (on Lake Rosseau Ontario). It is not the actual cottage (which is much much larger).

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