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The Flip Flop House's pivoting walls and ocean view
Pivoting walls offer ocean front views. (above(

People who live in glass houses…are very lucky if they live in houses like this!

Okay…this is perhaps one of the coolest hones I have seen in awhile.  Architect Dan Brunn was given free reign and $8 million dollars from a Los Angeles based couple to create this Venice Beach home.  The couple’s only requirements were that there should be no brown in the house and they needed a place to hang their art and photography they have collected over the years.

Architect Brunn’s solution was to create a house with louvered walls – pivoting walls!  These turning panels create wall space so that the couple’s art could be displayed while also allowing for fantastic ocean front views!  The Flip Flop House name is inspired by the turning walls.

The house is tres modern (my way of saying ultra modern).  Sleek Terrazzo floors, shiny Valcucine white glass cabinets, stainless steel wrapped structural columns and tons and tons of floor to ceiling glass imported from Switzerland.  5700 square feet.  A modern wonder beach house!

Exterior of the modern Flip Flop House in Venice Beach, CA
Flip Flop House's louvered pivoting walls opened and closed
Side view of the home with the louvered walls that open and close. (above)
Louvered walls in the Flip Flop House and an ocean view in Venice Beach
Louvered walls allow art to displayed but then open to show off the fantastic ocean views. (above)
Modern family room with stainless steel columns, grey shag rug, and floor to ceiling windows in the Flip Flop House
Stainless steel columns and floor to ceiling windows in the family room. (above)
Modern family room in the Flip Flop House with glass flat front cabinetry around the television and grey floor
White glass modern flat front cabinetry surround the television in the family room (above)
Modern staircase in the Flip Flop House with glass rail and Terrazzo covered floor
Staircase has glass rail with Terrazzo covered floors
Modern white kitchen in the Flip Flop House with a black island

What do you think of this house? Would you want to live in a house with flip flopping walls?  I would!

Beautifully done by the architect!

Happy Monday!


Photos:  New York Times; Dan Brunn

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  1. The flip-flop is very cool. The view is gorgeous. The house itself is way too cold and sterile for my taste. Fun post tho!

  2. Gorgeous. I’d live here in a heartbeat. The only thing (which is my preference) is that I’d change the flooring on the 2nd and 3rd level to wood or concrete. I hate the white ceramic, marble, or epoxy flooring in contemporary homes like this; I think it makes it look like a museum. I like to soften up contemporary looks with wood or concrete floors (not an oxymoron; just natural materials). With that said, I love the house and the location. Perfect.

  3. I love the house and the idea of the louvred walls for ventilation… but being practical – the artwork would become damaged and fade from exposure to the elements and sunlight – you wouldn’t want to put anything too valuable up. It also wouldn’t meet building codes here as anyone particularly children could fall out? from an upper storey?

  4. Does anyone know how many bedrooms this place has? It’s absolutely stunning and perfect for a retired couple, a single person, or childless couples. Beautiful.

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