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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Upholstered day bed in the House of Windor's baby room with gold covering by Kneedler-Fauchere and two gold sunburst mirrors

Hope you had a fantastic long weekend!

As I mentioned, last week, I went to Veranda Magazine’s chic cocktail party where the magazine unveiled the House of Windsor – a showcase house designed and realized by renowned interior designer Windsor Smith.  See previous posts for glimpses at the other rooms!

After Windsor designed and had the 8,000 square foot equestrian estate built from the ground up…she and many of her famous decorator friends decorated the rooms.  The house is spectacular in my view.  So much to see.  So many great ideas.

I think my favorite room in the house is the nursery.  Go figure.  I don’t have kids yet I was totally charmed by this room and the detail in the space.  Maybe I liked it because it definitely was a baby room but didn’t feel cliche in any way, shape or form.

This nursery was designed by Theresa Ghevondian who is a designer working at Windsor’s company.  Theresa did an amazing job with this room in my view.  Simply amazing!

I love the crescent moon shaped bassinet or crib from Kenneth Cobonpue’s rattan furniture collection – it is called Le Petite Voyage Crib.  The gold wallcovering from Kneedler-Fauchere, the gold changing table and the overall vibe of the room.  It works.  Modern yet classic.  Lots of attention paid to detail.  Even with the gold accents…soothing and relaxing.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove by the way.  The built in cabinet shelving is lined with Schumacher’s “Jungle Play” wall covering.  I love it!

Baby room in the house of windsor with dark wood floor, an upholstered day bed, a white armchair, one wall covered by a gold wall covering, a crescent moon crib, and a cabinet made of three large marbled puzzle pieces

Close up of the marbled side table made of three puzzle pieces. On the counter there is a gold baby changing station and a white lamp

Close up of the gold baby changing station

crescent moon shaped bassinet crib from Kenneth Cobonpue's rattan furniture collection

Close up of the gold wall covering by Kneedler-Fauchere

Built in bookshelves and cabinets in the baby room in the Windsor house, the bookshelves are lined with Schumacher's "Jungle Play" wall covering

Close up of Schumacher's "Jungle Play" wall covering in the built in bookshelves and elephant bookends in the baby room in the Windsor house

gold container on a glass nesting table in the Windsor house

Three gold art-deco inspired nesting tables with a magazine, flower arrangement, wood box and a photo album in the Windsor house

What do you think of this baby room?  I’d be interested what you moms have to say about this.  Is the room functional enough for a baby?  Would the decor work for you?

What a delightful room I think!  Wonderful job Theresa.

Once again, as a reminder to those of you in Los Angeles within the next couple of weeks, you can buy tickets to see the House of Windsor in person.  It is open until July 17th.  I think I am going back next weekend if I can squeeze in a day!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Today, I’m dealing with a traffic ticket (oy), going to the dentist (oy again) and trying to figure out how to get a COCOCOZY sign made right way for our Atlanta showroom where we are showing the COCOCOZY textiles collection next week (oy 3) (assistant KS is working on this one…so that oy might disappear very quickly).  Don’t mean to sound like a complainer….but am whining a bit.  Will stop.  Maybe I’ll try to turn these into a positive…here’s my optimistic spin…I learned a valuable lesson with the traffic ticket, I love the dentist because he makes my teeth healthy and makes me look good, we will figure out a sign this morning and get it to Atlanta by Thursday!  There.  I feel less better already!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

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  1. I don’t have any children yet, either, but I love this nursery, specifically, the crescent moon bassinet and the jigsaw puzzle table. very clever. I like the idea of having a day bed in the room, for when mommy needs a nap in-between feedings. Although, I like the color palette, it feels too grown up to me. I’d prefer the nursery to have more color, to stimulate the baby.

    Thanks for posting, for all of us who aren’t in LA!

  2. Oh- my- gosh! The wall paper is amazing…the “changing table” … Everything! Practical? Well, as long as the baby never gets past the baby-in-your-arms phase, you’re safe. The nesting tables will be gone pretty fast, once he or she is crawling, but the rest looks fairly safe. Talk about being born with a silver/gold spoon in one’s mouth!

  3. Stacy!

    I didn’t even notice that. You are right – Freudian! I’m going to see if anyone else notices it. I’m leaving it in! Probably true about that is how I am actually feeling…the typo tells it all. LOL!!

  4. I sound like such a negative nelly but this house is a major disappointment from the creative minds involved. I’d love to know who did what. Since I own a children’s company (we’re revamping so don’t mind our appearance) and two little beings I am so not a fan of that room I can’t even begin to…. I’m all for having some grown up pieces in a baby’s room done tastefully.

    OH how I love your blog, your prints and your fantastic adventures. I just really dislike this house. I’m wasn’t even going to comment on it anymore but I’m a mom and very involved in a children’s world.

    Good luck on your show, I’m sure it will be great!

  5. Beautiful room! Totally impractical for a baby! Glass top tables…. really? Bassinet is beautiful and the baby will enjoy it for about 2 months.. max. Where’s the crib, toys, hamper? Changing table is very sophisticated but the reality is that babies are messy and what new Mom or Dad is going to have time to keep that shiny. Maybe this nursery is for a baby and a nanny not for real working parents!
    Beautiful space just not practical!

  6. Coco – is it bad that seeing this room made me finally want to have a kid? !! Gorgeous! Motherhood doesn’t look that hard afterall…. Hope you’re well šŸ™‚

  7. A babies room? Its Amazing… I could picture many of these pieces in any room. The cabinetry and wallpapered shelves have been done so tastefully. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Gorgeous! That said, you would use that bassinet for less than a month as the baby would roll out easy peasy. Everything else is perfect…until u start adding the toys and rattles etc and mess up the vibe! Love it.

  9. Lovely. That said you’d use that bassinet for less than a month before the kid would roll out! You have to have a crib, a horrible truth!

  10. This room is gorgeous, I actually want it for myself šŸ™‚

    I;m just not sure it’s a great idea once the baby is mobile. The stacked tables for example are an accident waiting to happen. First rule of a baby room, no sharp corners or glass.

  11. rozcurran, nmaha and I have the exact same feelings. Beautiful room but it will only work for an infant. Personal experience has also taught me that growing babies love (and need) visual stimulation like bright primary colors and there isn’t any of that in this room that I can see. Hopefully there is a playroom that is older baby/toddler/child-appropriate and an actual crib on order!

  12. I love so many of the aspects of this room: just not for a baby’s room. That wallpaper is jaw-droppingly AWESOME! Guess that is ONE of the reasons they refer to it as a “SHOW” House.

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