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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

close up of dianthus green trick in a vase

So tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, I’m spending the day cooking and prepping for a small gathering we are doing tomorrow night. Having a few family members and friends over to my sis DS’s house for Christmas Eve. We are heading to the flower mart early tomorrow to look for some items to spruce up the house for the holiday.

The big issue is that I was supposed to be doing the dinner at my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills…”was” is the operative word here.

As you may know, last week I had to move out of my little snug cottage due to some major water damage and other stuff (still unresolved btw). I had my tree all decorated since the beginning of the month, holiday decorations were placed subtly throughout my tiny house… and Christmas was in the air.  At the beginning of December, I told my sis not to worry about a tree at her place and just to come over to mine and we would do the family holiday at my place with aunts, cousins and friends. Well as we took all of the ornaments off my Douglas Fir last Tuesday and hauled it outside and out of the way of all of the movers…I realized I would not be doing Christmas at my place. I didn’t however think ahead and about getting a tree over to my sister’s house.

So now we are sprucing up sis DS’s house as best we can to make it say “holiday”…we’ll make it work I think! Hopefully!

Oh did I mention that yesterday (Saturday) we did the first 2013 COCOCOZY photo shoot at my sisters house. The day started at about 8a with me and JW running around getting items for the shoot…and the day ended at about 8p when fab photographer Hugh Hamilton packed up his gear and left.

I had some flower arrangements made for the shoot and I made a little one myself with just with Dianthus Green Trick. My favorite florist Empty Vase has done all of the flowers for every COCOCOZY catalogue photo shoot since we started two years ago.  Brenda who works there was so nice to help me design and rush our arrangements for yesterday’s  shoot.  As my sister and I were running out of the flower shop we saw the Dianthus and bought 20 stems to make our own DIY arrangement.

Take a look at these two arrangements…will use them in the house somewhere tomorrow for Christmas Eve… but do either of these say holiday to you?  What can we do to them to make them feel more festive for the holiday?  Help!  (We’ll get some classic holiday greenery tomorrow but in the meantime we have these)

dianthus green trick in a mercury glass cylinder vase on a small metal table on a patio
Homemade DIY flower arrangement with just Dianthus Green Trick in a mercury glass cylinder vase. (above and below)
Close up of mercury glass cylinder vase on a metal table on a patio
Close up of green and white Parrot Tulips and Hydrangea in a flower arragement on a patio
Green and white Parrot Tulips and Hydrangea in a glass cylinder vase with wheat grass and green sand on a metal table on a patio
Green and white Parrot Tulips and Hydrangea in a glass cylinder vase with wheat grass and green sand. (above)
Close up of wheat grass and green sand in a flower arrangement on a metal table on a patio

Do either of these say holiday?  Which one do you prefere in general…or do you dislike both? LOL!

Happy Sunday!  Good luck with your holiday preparations!

Happy Holidays



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  1. They’re both beautiful! Throw in some ilex berries and you’ve got some traditional Christmas colour happening in a very untraditional way.

    Merry Christmas!

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