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Same animal print spotted wallpaper two very different chairs and looks.  Which do you prefer.

One chair vignette is a bright turquoise blue faux bamboo fretwork chair loaded up with fab fashion books and a stack of magazines in the home of interior designer Tiffany Richey.

The other scene is in interior designer Meredith Heron’s design office and features a black leather Louis XVI side chair, black bookshelf complete with a carved stone bust.

Does one of these vignettes appeal to you more?  Which might you prefer in your home?

Thibaut – Tanzania Wallpaper – $72 per roll  (black and off white spots. Animal print wall covering)(above)

Oh…by the way…I am LOVING this Thibaut wallpaper.  So wonderful.  Am totally not an animal print or animal spots girl…but I LOVE this wallpaper.  Can you tell I am obsessing over wallpaper lately?  Might have to branch into that next for COCOCOZY!

Let me know in the comments below…which chair picture is perfect for you? I would love to hear your thoughts. I’m leaning towards the bright turquoise chair against the spotted wall but am not sure.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  UH OH – After 3.5 months out of my house due to construction for water damage…I was supposed to move back in this weekend!  Woohooo!  Right?  Wrong.  We of course had a little snafu.  A big snafu really!  The wood floor stain on the brand new wood floors is not at all right. I wanted a light gray floor but instead I got a weird putty color with yellowing varnish showing.  Needless to say…I wasn’t happy…so today…the floor guy is back at the house…re-sanding the floors and will try at it again.  Here’s a look at the floors in my bedroom that now need to be redone AGAIN.  Oy vey.  Look, I recognize, there could be a lot worse things that happen to me so I am taking this all in stride.  We are doing several samples.  Last time the guy only showed me sample with one coat of varnish…he put 3 coats on and I think a lot of the yellow from the white oak came through.  My neighbor JH came over yesterday during our “floor meeting” with the contractor and the floor guy…she is an expert in decorative finishes…so that helped.  We’ll see!  They said it would take 4 or 5 days extra.  Keeping fingers crossed!

This is my bedroom in my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills – the floors are not quite the right color – back to the drawing board (above)

P.P.S. To leave on a positive note…had a great conference call with JP, AR and AR today discussing the marketing and p.r. for my partnership with them…they are the people we made the 500 pillows for…a major fashion brand that we are collaborating with this summer.  It all is very exciting.  Will tell you more soon.  They are really nice and we had a fun conversation.

Photo: MASH by Tiffany; Meredith Heron blog


  1. i love the blue chair! such a fun pop against the black and white! and i’m so sorry you can’t move back in yet! i hope it gets fixed asap! and it’s not yellow!

  2. They are both gorgeous! So tricky to choose. I really love the Meredith Heron one, however, because the solid back of the Louis xvi chair really helps balance the business of the paper! I hope you can move back into your home soon!

  3. Love the Black Leather Louis XVI it’s so classic, also love the blue chair, so playful and fun!
    Good luck with your floors in your bedroom in your tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills!
    Annette F Lewis

  4. hmm like the first vignette — love the color. and excited to see you floors in gray – son’t see that often and can’t wait to check it out!

  5. I love the first vignette. You can never go wrong with a turquoise bamboo fretwork chair. Best of luck with your floors – the extra effort will be worth it in the end!

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