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White cushion with black stripes, books a small potted plant and two candle sticks and a a throw on the ledge of an arched window
A cushion and a throw are added to make the ledge of this arched window in a Swedish apartment more comfy and cozy. (above)

Who wouldn’t want to spend a bit of time curled up with a good book or magazine sitting under or near a wonderful window?  The sunlight, a comfortable seat, an interesting view perhaps…that’s the recipe for a perfect moment or two.

So many ways to window sit…which of these do you prefer? That’s my question in today’s THIS OR THAT!

Blue velvet tufted bench with two pillows and a blue throw with white fringe under a window in the corner of a room with hardwood floors
A blue velvet tufted bench and just the right amount of pillows under a nice window in a corner. (above)

A white wingback chair and ottoman make for a sleek and stylish window seat in a city apartment with dark wood floor and wall to ceiling windows
A white wingback chair and ottoman make for a sleek and stylish window seat in a city apartment. (above)

A lavender settee below two windows with a white accent pillow, on a white rug with dark wood floors
Sunlight washes over a lavender settee perfectly postition right below two windows. (above)

Room with floor to ceiling windows with a garden view, a blue Saarinen womb chair, hard wood floors and two side tables holding bottles of flowers and books
Floor to ceiling windows with a lush garden view provide a gorgeous backdrop for this mid century classic blue Saarinen womb chair. (above)

Blue and white built in window seat with blue and white roman curtains, Chinese garden jars as footstools and white book case
A traditional built in window seat is the perfect place to enjoy a bit rest and perhaps storytelling in this adorable nursery. (above)

My favorite window seat would be the first one on the ledge.  I would love to spend a little time just sitting on a window ledge watching passersby.  Pretty picture indeed.

This is a THIS OR THAT…so I must know which of these window sitting areas you prefer?  Do you have a place to just sit by a window in your own home?  If so, where?  I want to hear.

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Whirlwind weekend…as I get ready for a quick trip to the south…North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia are on my agenda next week.  Will be there for just two days meeting with all kinds of folks and talking about COCOCOZY.

P.P.S. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you readers and how much I enjoy hearing from you here on the blog.  I love your comments so please don’t be afraid to weigh in…I love seeing what you have to say about design or about anything else.  I read all of your comments and am entertained and informed by them.  So thank you for being part of the conversation!!  xoxo

Photos: Alvhem; Emily Henderson; Victoria Hagan; Amie Weitzman; Herron Horton Architects; Rinfret, Ltd


  1. Can I have the first window but with the cozy window seat built into it? To me that would be perfection! Safe travels next week!

  2. That first one is a pretty picture, but that cushion isn’t enough to make it cozy. I love the settee between the two window, but again, I don’t think that one feels cozy. So, I say if you’re in for a good book or a snuggle the built in is the way to go! If it just needs to look pretty then any of them would be wonderful.

  3. #5 the mid-century chair – instant reaction to that one. I love the style and color of the chair and the floor to ceiling windows. I’d be tempted to turn the chair around so I could look outside.

  4. Okay, I prefer the first photo of the Swedish apartment ledge too, but did you notice the lit tapers? My daydream of leisurely reading on that ledge ends alarmingly with the cozy yarn throw going up in flames and singing the pages of the book I was reading. Yikes!

    So you’re in the Carolinas this weekend? It’s a beautiful day here in Charlotte; I hope you have a chance to enjoy the weather while you’re here.

  5. I love the arched window… reminds me of the arched double doors I had installed in my house!

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