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Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY

Bathroom with Michael S. Smith's Labyrinth tiles for Ann Sacks from floor to ceiling, an undermount sink where you can see the pipes and a marble tile floor

As I mentioned earlier this week, was in gorgeous tile store Ann Sacks over the weekend (when I should have been doing a million other things) dreaming about tile and doing over a bathroom. I happened upon this bathroom vignette with this light blue ceramic tile.

Love this tile! The carved maze like pattern, its translucent like quality that almost makes it look like glass, and the color…oh that soothing relaxing shade of blue. The tile is by Michael S. Smith for Ann Sacks and it is called Labyrinth. I think it is like $48 or $58 a square foot (can’t remember but I’ll call them later today and ask). So fantastic.

Close up of Michael S. Smith's Labyrinth tiles for Ann Sacks

Alternative view of a bathroom with Michael S. Smith's Labyrinth tiles for Ann Sacks from floor to ceiling, an undermount sink where you can see the pipes. a marble tile floor and a freestanding tub

If you could re-do your bath right now, what colors might you use? What kind of tiles (glass, ceramic, marble mosaic)? What do you think of these beauties (you know what I think…)?

Happy Friday!


P.S. Am in Atlanta…running off to the Christian Mosso Associates (CMA) Showroom to show the COCOCOZY collection. Please stop by and say hi. Am wearing flats because yesterday, every single gate I had to walk from or to was a several mile walk it seemed and I chose to wear heels on the flight. Not smart. So today I am suffering. Am wearing sparkling flats and have some heels in my bag.

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

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  1. I have a tiny bathroom I’m planning to re-do in low-key Hollywood glam. Dark gray (almost charcoal) walls, white ceramic tile on the tub surround, white pedestal sink, tub and toilet, white tile floor, white flokati rug, chrome faucets and hardware. I already purchased a new vanity light – a chrome three armed light with pretty white shades over the bulbs. I have two black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to hang over the towel bar.

  2. I love Ann Sacks wand this tile is beautiful! I understand that this is just a showroom, but a bathroom with tile on every wall, with no natural light isn’t my thing. Thet must have a zillion dollars of tile on the walls…I may be exaggerating!
    The Treasured Home

  3. My children’s bathroom is this same color palette and the same floor! I went antique tile mirror (just like those wall tiles) in that color blue and I just love it. Got it at Architectural Salvage

    I would rather not see the subway tiles at the bottom and have opted for full patterned wall with a large custom molding. My husband is a builder so we’re all about moldings!

    Good luck at your show, get a foot massage when you land in LA!

  4. Coco – where are those sconces from in this bathroom? They would work perfectly in mine, I would need in brushed nickel though…


  5. Well, I am in the middle of doing my bathroom and we are planning to use glass mirrored mosaic tiles along the full wall behind the vanity and shower area. I am also doing exposed concrete floors and facing the front of the modern square tub with the concrete and juxtaposing all of that with baroque mirrors and a chandelier. Taking some risks, but its the master so I think it’s about what we like;)

  6. I love this tile! It gives so much interest. I for one am all about pattern but sometimes I worry that I will tire of it. I don’t think I would this particular tile since it’s subtle tone-on-tone. the color is lovely too, very soothing and appropiate for a bathroom.


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