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Bedroom by Michael S. Smith with wall paper mural of trees, a large vintage wood writing desk with cabinets, red curtains and a grey armchair
A Michael S. Smith decorated bedroom in a city townhome. (above)

So got an email the other day (maybe last week) inviting me (and I’m sure hundreds of others) to a mid June reception for First Lady Michelle Obama here in Los Angeles. The reception will be at interior designer Michael S. Smith’s house. Hmmmm…Michelle Obama and Michael S. Smith (the man who redecorated the White House) in one evening? Could be very interesting.

Now most of you might say…”Just go Coco, just go”. Well I might but you should know I’m not so chic that I was just invited to Michael S. Smith’s house for no reason to meet Michelle Obama…it is a fundraiser…with a price tag.

I like Michael S. Smith’s style (these photos are NOT of his house but from his portfolio). Maybe if I had a gagillion dollars I might ask him to look at a room or two for me. His style is a little traditional for me but I saw his work first hand once and I thought it was all quite impressive. I met Michael S. Smith once briefly at another event at a gorgeous home in Malibu that he decorated. The hostess, Nancy Marks who I had just met, heard that I loved decor and dragged Michael S. Smith across her grand home to meet me. Micheal frankly seemed bored with me and left me to have a nice chat with his significant other James Costos (who is also hosting the Michelle Obama reception).

I have to tell you though, I love anything to do with decor…and I like the First Lady too…so I just might splurge.  What would you do…?

Traditional ktchen by Michael S. Smith with green and yellow backsplash, green cabinets and drawers, an island under two pendant lights and a hardwood floor
Decorator Michael S. Smith beautifully manifests several shades of green in a larger traditional kitchen. (above)

Foyer by Michael S. Smith with white fretwork chairs around a white pedestal round table under a white pendant light, tile floor and two wood doors made of different kinds of wood
White fretwork chairs and a white pedestal round table are centered in a foyer by interior designer Michael S. Smith. (above)

So I guess the question is would you go?  How decor curious are you?  Would you spend a bit of money to go to the home of a well known interior designer?  I know…the First Lady is also in the mix (it would be fun to meet a First Lady)…I’m not completely decor myopic. Want to hear what you would do?  Do tell.

Will keep you posted on what I decide.

Happy Sunday!


P.S.  Need to go find a camera today…if you recall, last week, I volunteered my camera for a beach experiment that involved a kite and my camera.  At the time, it seemed like such a great idea…now, not so much.  LOL! C’est la vie.

P.P.S. My mother and sis are in Paris right now at the GORGEOUS apartment my mom has for the summer!  Sis DS just sent over some fabulous photos of the apartment (all a little too blurry to post)…it is gorgeous and I am not there!  I’ll try to get DS to take better photos so I can share of the Paris apartment! In the meantime, posting some photos from DS on twitter…she and mom and a friend of hers are sitting at Deux Magots right now…in the center of Paris enjoying an afternoon champagne cocktail I’m sure!

P.P.P.S.  Please go to COCOCOZY Twitter to see a photo of a proof of the new COCOCOZY catalog…just back from printer…with new pillows and other goodies in the COCOCOZY Collection.  We went green with this and printed on recycled paper.  We’ll be adding new items to the shop website in July!

Photos: Michael S. Smith, Inc.

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  1. I’d just wait until all the photos hit all the other websites of all the other bloggers who were invited. You still get to peek and you can then choose to donate your money to whatever fundraiser at whatever price works for you instead of whatever works for them. But, I’d always rather watch from afar than see it up close; things lose their luster when you see them at too close a proximity.

  2. Personally, would love to see Michael Smith’s home but would not donate a dime to this president’s re-election. I guess I would see it in blogs or magazines, books.
    Smiles, from Newport Beach what a beautiful day!

  3. Based on how he treated you last time I think I would probably pass on spending big $$ for some campaign or favored candidate of his. you will be just one of hundreds of fish in the sea and I have been to many of these fundraisers and most of the house is cordoned off anyway. Save your $$ and join your mom and sis in Paris

  4. I would not go! I met Michael Smith at a reception in Chicago and he, also, seemed bored with me and really could not have been any more rude to me or my husband. he did not even make eye contact with me because he was scanning the room the whole time looking for someone better to talk to. I had, also, paid a hefty sum to be at this small reception and meet him. He is awful!

  5. I get hung up on how people behave. So based upon his somewhat “snubbing” you that would be a HUGE turnoff to me. Any curiosity I had would be immediately squashed by that reminder (yes I am ridiculously stubborn) and some might just say oh forget about it, nooooot for me. I don’t forget such things! Now if Mr. Michael had been gracious and kind and welcoming, then I would say go go go and don’t even hesitate another second. So you are asking someone like me….the person who takes things to heart and who doesn’t forget a thing, the good, the bad and the ugly! Let us know what you decide:)
    PS Don’t feel bad if you don’t go, you just know there will be pictures of the soiree all over the internet in no time!

  6. I would probably decline. I am not one to need to be around people who think they are above it all.Especially for a large donation.

    Just me….

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  7. That’s a tough one. Unfortunately, I’ve admired the creative talents of many rude people—artists, musicians, writers, fashion designers, actors, etc.— who also have no personality. I’ve come to learn that most are pretty insecure about everything except what they are passionate about. While I don’t accept their rudeness and will let them know it if it is deliberately directed towards me or others in my presence, when and if I decide to spend my money on known and too often unknown rude personalities, it’s based on my securities not their insecurities.

    If you really want to see, explore and find out something first hand—go—once. My parents taught me long ago, nobody will ever love me or treat me as wonderful as they do. If I quit dealing with all the rude folks who have ignored me in this world…well, let’s say I try to be the example since I can’t always avoid the bad examples.

    Camera—I have Canon cameras and equipment. But recently, I purchased a small one to carry in my purse. I love it—PowerShot Elph 300HS,12.1 mpx

    Good luck! Nice site.

  8. I say go for it so we can hear all about it. BTW I checked out your site just after finding the perfect green for my living room and was inspired by Michael’s kitchen. I’m thinking it would look great to paint the moulding a darker green since it looks so good in the pic. Thanks to you and Michael for the inspiration.

  9. I would have to pass. I cannot abide rudeness in ANY form, much less from someone who feels their God-given talents entitle them to some sort of social elevation. All of his success could be wiped out in a moment. Such a pity that someone who has many opportunities to leave a marvelous lasting impression chooses to show his truly poor manners. You CHOOSE what to donate your money to. I won’t spend my hard earned money to be insulted.

  10. Whatever happened in the past… why not donate and at the same time learn? this is a win situation for you, and you are not going to do him a favor.. many of us wish to have been invited!.. go! oh and congrats for the new catalog!

  11. Go!
    Meeting a First Lady, or even being in the same room is something you will never forget. My “upclose” was with Hilary Clinton. I am celeb immune so to speak having worked around them for years, but it was special shaking hands with the First Lady.
    When you’re old like me 🙂 you will remember events like this one with fondness, and get to bore other bloggers with your little stories 🙂
    xo xo

  12. Coco, it’s L.A.! If we shunned events held by rude people, we wouldn’t go ANYWHERE in this town. (I have to tell my husband this every time I drag him to a gallery or a museum opening). Go for it.

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