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Bedroom with a white slipcovered headboard, green floor length curtains, tile floor and a brass chandelier

The weekend is here…who doesn’t think of relaxing, sleeping in, taking it easy? Most people do…

I on the other hand have a million design ideas racing through my head as I wake up early and start running around.

Let’s see…this weekend’s design dilemma…the bedroom…

Thinking of changing out my headboard…wondering if I should go for slipcovered headboard that is plain white (above) or an upholstered headboard with a little pattern to it (below). Hmmm…thinking…

Bedroom with a white  upholstered headboard, large window and a white nightstand with a floating drawer

Which do you prefer? Plain or printed headboard?  Please weigh in.

Also, what are your weekend plans? Any designing involved?

Happy Saturday!


P.S.  Once again, I realize the title of the post and the content are off…I know there are two photos and the title is singular…can’t self edit…even on the weekends it seems!

P.P.S.  Also, I love the little floating nightstand in the second photo.  What a great space saving idea…attache a nightstand top to the wall.  Smart.

Photos: Melanie Turner Interiors; Charles Spada

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  1. Both are so lovely, it’s hard to choose! Fortunately, with slipcovers you can easily do both and rotate them out. I’d be partial to the plain white one, simply because my drapes are patterned.

    I’m most likely working on my kitchen cabinets this weekend. They’re old, ugly things from circa 1970, but well made and structurally sound. They just need a face lift, so I’m painting them white and replacing the hardware. Voila! Instant loveliness! Well… maybe not so instant!

  2. I like the slip covered headboard, is more versatile and casual/youthful. Love the modesty panel at the window, a great option for privacy issues. Again, something old is something new

  3. Hi Coco, Definitely the top one. Plain wins. Slipcovered looks smart without being stuffy or old fashioned.

    cherill w

  4. You know, I’ve been wanting to ditch my dark four poster in favor of an upholstered headboard, and what’s been holding me back is the fear of COMMITMENT to one headboard fabric that I’ll be stuck with. Slipcovering the headboard is a great idea; it enables you to take some risks, play around with a wilder fabric knowing you can switch it out — and send it to the dry cleaners if your husband puts his dirty feet on it or something. Because if you put a white linen headboard on a man’s bed, he WILL come up with a reason to put his dirty feet on it!

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