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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Close up of a red flower arrangement

Happy Halloween eve!

Got these beautiful flowers delivered yesterday from best of friend AM and her nice husband JE.  Wasn’t feeling too well so I got some “get well soon” flowers from them.  My mom was very nice too…she was here making sure I was okay.

Well today I woke…feeling much much better.  It is another gorgeous fall day here…and the views from my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills is quite nice.

The view of these lovely flowers is nice too!

flower arrangement with pink tulips and roses and other red and pink flowers

How are you spending your Halloween eve?  I’ll spend mine taking it a bit easy.  I know best of friend AM is throwing a huge party for her son’s 4th bday in NYC…80 people she is having over…and her husband JE, a 6’2″ man, is dressing as the Green Lantern (she sent a picture of him in the costume…it is quite hilarious…and cute)…gotta love Halloween. LOL!

Thank you AM and JE for the lovely flowers…they brightened my day!

Happy Sunday!


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

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  1. Beautiful flowers Coco, take some time to rest today & recharge……you give so much of yourself each day. For me, I’ve gone to my daughter’s soccer game & soon we’re going to get some treats for the little goblins that will be by tomorrow.

  2. I’ve been ill myself this week so feelin’ your pain! Hope you are feeling 100% very soon…

    Your flowers are gorgeous – I planted dahlias (the smaller pinky-white blooms at the bottom of the arrangement) this summer and they are still in bloom despite the cold autumn weather here – make me smile everytime I’m in our back garden šŸ™‚


  3. what a fabulous blog! my friend found it on facebook and forwarded it to me. congrats! we know how hard it is to do it all and it looks like you’re getting it done. good for you!

  4. (may post twice) your site was forwarded to me by a friend who saw a posting of it on facebook. it’s beautiful! thank you for sharing!

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