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Photo courtesy of Yifat Oren & Associates
Elegant birthday table setting on a dock

Love this photo of this gorgeous birthday party in the Hamptons. At first, when I saw this event, I was convinced it was so elaborate and elegant that it had to be a romantic wedding dinner….a beautiful wedding reception right on a dock. The dinner table sits on the water…literally. I thought…what a fabulous way to dine after getting married…on a dock, overlooking the water, with dozens of your family and friends right there to enjoy the scene with you!

Turns out it is not the wedding but a big huge birthday party dinner on a private island in the Hamptons! Wow…that kind of makes it even more amazing. Someone had this as their birthday party? My birthdays are usually spent with two maybe three friends or my mom and sister and usually there is a cupcake involved (I should explain that my birthday falls in early January when everyone is completely exhausted after the holiday season and I’ve become accustom to the uber low key celebrations that really lack any creativity (and any people); but I will say these birthday non-celebration celebrations are very warm and heartfelt(I think)…and I do appreciate the one-two cupcakes that are usually involved. lol!).

Anyhoooooo….had to share this photo…the scene, the table settings and the overall mood and ambiance of the decor are all so chic, romantic and festive – a great combination to have for a birthday or even wedding reception dinner!

The following paragraph is not a non sequitur or my usual A.D.D….it does tie into the photo.

So…having dinner this weekend with my dear friend and former neighbor Yifat Oren and her sweet husband Jonathan Cutler. I’ll get to meet their cute kidlets for the first time too. I’m so thrilled to catch up with Yifat and Jonny after so many years! I can’t wait!

So, back to the photo…Yifat is one of the premier event and wedding planners in the country and SHE designed/planned this extravagant elegant birthday evening dinner party! Yifat and her team took a normal dock and made it into a stunning outdoor dining room for their client’s birthday! Yifat is an aficionado of design, decor, weddings, events and all things beautiful…she arranges, dreams up and plans the most posh parties. Hmmm…note to self…have a birthday party and/or wedding and have Yifat do her magic!

Might I reiterate…this dinner party scene is just GORGEOUS!

Off to see Yifat and Jonny!!!

Hope you all have fun plans and have a great weekend!


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  1. Utterly gorgeous but my only concern would be….how do you get to your chair? And how would the waiters have room to serve? It’s kinda tight, no?

  2. STUNNING! This is absolutely gorgeous. What a perfect place to enjoy a birthday dinner. Oh, and my birthday is Jan. 2nd, so I feel your pain. šŸ™‚

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