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Yellow enfilade with a tile floor and a sculpture of a white owl in the center

As many of you know…I want my own castle…I know…sounds weird to most people who have regular dreams. Most people probably desire and dream of a beautiful family, general happiness and health for their families, a nice normal well appointed house, lots of friendship and love, a great next job, an exciting trip…you know that stuff that every day dreams are made of. Well sure I want that stuff too, but I know my dreams are really about living in a chateau, castle or grand villa…I would want all of those other regular dreams too…just while living in the castle. That’s it. Make sense? Hmmmm…

This photo shows an “enfilade”, a succession of doorways in a formal grand home. Just in case you had not heard this architecture term before…here is the definition.

Definition of “enfilade” Wikipedia: “In architecture, an enfilade is a suite of rooms formally aligned with each other. This was a common feature in grand European architecture from the Baroque period onwards, although there are earlier examples, such as the Vatican stanze. The doors entering each room are aligned with the doors of the connecting rooms along a single axis, providing a vista through the entire suite of rooms.”

Usually these enfilades are in quite grand homes – reminds me of Versailles or what you might see in royal European home. I want my own enfilade…rooms upon rooms, doors leading to more doors.

There I said it! Maybe for Christmas?

Anyhooo…happy Sunday!


P.S. COCOCOZY GIVEAWAY ALERT – Another giveaway tomorrow…this time my partner is very chic Atlanta furniture store Pieces Inc. This giveaway will be right here on the blog (none of that Facebook only stuff). See you here tomorrow.

P.P.S. Btw…had a wonderful weekend of holiday parties…a party every night starting on Thursday. Lots of fun catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and meeting new people. Happy Holidays to you!

Photo: McMillen Interior Design

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  1. It can get might dank and cold in those castles, Coco. Personally, I find your own back deck more inviting. Perhaps you could stand a knight’s armour up in the corner.

  2. Oh goodness me…I love it!! I especially like how the trim is slightly different on each doorway — or at least the first two that we can see in detail. Thank you for the new vocabulary (I thought it sounded like a culinary term).

  3. I’m not mad at you, I want a castle too! I’ve been keeping that little secret to myself, but maybe I just need to put it out there and who knows, stranger things have been known to happen. Beautiful photo – great inspiration.

    Stylishly yours,

  4. You can buy a castle in Sweden for next to nothing. I have an obsession with them. If you have time check out some Swedish real estate listings- you’ll be owning a caste in no time if you’re willing to move to a cold country!

  5. Coco not sure if my comment came through…I was mention that Joni has done posts with many cool enfilade homes!!

    Joyeaux Noel!

    I have a new giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  6. I love the enfilade, but am crazy about the use of yellow here, surprisingly, since I’m not so in love with yellow in general (so hard to get the right shade in the right space!).

    Regarding the castle–a fun fantasy, but imagine the responsibility of keeping up such a space! You’d have to hire a bevy of maintenance men. Hmm…maybe a castle might work, after all!

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