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Simple, elegant bedroom with a bed with a white wooden frame and headboard, exposed beams, two windows and a single pendant light

Back to basics.

Keep things simple.

Less is more.

All cliches but all so true especially when it comes to decor.

This oh so lovely bedroom is an example of streamlined simplicity.  No frills, patterns, colors or any confusion…it is what it is.  A nice light filled space, with just a hint of lavender for color…edited to the extreme…but it works.

What do you think about “less is more decor”? Like or dislike?  Do tell.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Oh yes.  My theory on Pinterest.  Could it be the modern day form of hoarding?  I think maybe yes… except the difference between Pinterest and those people you see on t.v. who can’t walk through their house because they have so much stuff  is we are not hiding the collections of random gunk in our homes we’re doing it on a website.  Public hoarding of sorts!  I am on it – have been pinning pictures of rooms, fashion, and things here and there on COCOCOZY Pinterest…a little addictive…but trying to figure the point.  I feel a bit behind too…I’ve pinned maybe 100 images on 22 boards or so…quite a few people I know through blogging have pinned 3000-4000 images or more on hundreds of boards!  Another race to keep up on!  I’m behind in Pinterest…oh my…!  As I was pinning pictures the other day and organizing them into folders, I wondered “Why do we all need to collect so many images of things we like?  And then what?”.  Is this a form of social networking or is it a form of virtual hoarding or is it a little of both? Maybe the title of this post applies to Pinterest…I don’t know…help! Please let me know your thoughts on this. To pin or not to pin…that is the question? (I wonder if Hamlet would have asked this very question…).  Maybe Pinterest is not hoarding.  Maybe it is really a place where people save their dreams and realize their aspirations…thousands and thousands of dreams per person and millions of aspirations!  Well, I’ll keep pinning until I hear from you! 🙂

Screen grab of COCOCOZY Pinterest
Screen grab of COCOCOZY Pinterest – it’s like a garage full of things to save but with no limit on space and on the amount of  things you can put in it! (above)

Photo: Russell Sadur


  1. I love the simple look. Clean lines, simple colors, all suit my fancy! I don’t like the look of “busy” rooms. Makes the room more airy! Gorgeous.

  2. For years I believed less was more, mostly out of necessity now it would just make life easier! When I figure out how and where to sell most of the ‘stuff’ in this house I will once again be a believer!
    Pinterest is more like a giant mood board! Also a way to cut down on the tear sheets and magazines that once littered the house. I don’t think it is social networking as there is very little connection but perhaps leads to it via new blogs. I do know that I enjoy finding the beautiful image, the great idea and have thrown myself into it with gay abandon!!!!
    If I decide I don’t like it I can always delete the lot.
    Don’t understand tumblr or flickr so Pinterest suits me at the moment!

  3. I have always been a minimalist, so this i absolutely love this room! The bedding looks especially cozy and those bedside flowers are the perfect accent.

  4. To Pin or not to pin Is clearly the dilemna ? Every tie I pin I wonder why, who really cares? Why am I doing this? Keeping up with the Jone’s? Perhaps. Any way until we figure it out I guess will keep doing it. do you ever really look at your boards? Now that is the question.
    Love the bedroom!

  5. I prefer decor that is in the middle – not too cluttered, but not so minimalist that it looks like no one actually lives in the space. I would probably add some nightstands with a few books to that space to cozy it up. But it is fresh and lovely.

    You’re right – Pinterest is modern day hoarding! I enjoy it, but some people have really gotten carried away. Between blogging, twitter, facebook, Pinterest, etc., whatever happened to actually going out there and living life? Times have changed, and not always for the better.

  6. To pin or not to pin–that is the question. I just wrote a post on old school pinning. Remember when we tore out magazine photos for design inspiration? Back in the “old days?” I put mine in binders. I think Pinterest is like that. Except, I agree with you. It’s just one more thing to keep up. Who has the most followers? blablabla. It is all so very pointless, yet I’m pinning. But some are serial pinners and I wonder how much time can one spend on the computer. Geez, get a life?

  7. Guilty! I am addicted to pinning and a pinterest image hoarder along with fabric:) Can’t seem to stop and feel some boards are just too empty! How about this spin on it, I am viewing it as an online vision board! Makes me feel less hoarderish (if that could be a word:)

  8. Could not agree with you more about the Pinterest craze. I joined last week, yet I find myself having to make an effort to “pin” things. My tried & true method of copying & pasting images into pre-sorted folders on my desktop seems to work best for me. As an interior designer, I prefer to share my inspiration one-on-one, with my clients; or through a blog post; or sometimes not at all! Pinterest does feel a bit like a competition, and I’m only interested in doing the best work for my clients – whether or not they ever know where the ideas were borrowed from or not! I neither have the time nor the energy to “out-pin” my friends or followers. I believe I have fewer than 100 pins and to be honest, it might stay that way. It might even become fewer than that if I think about it long enough. Indeed, less is more. Agreed.

  9. I totally agree! Simplicity is amazing in a room!! Love that photograph. Oh I am addicted to Pinterest.. I would be hesitant to tell anyone how much time i am on the website..hehe

  10. At least it’s virtual/electronic hoarding and not physical. I personally used to have a hard time throwing away a few magazines, now I don’t so maybe it’s helped my magazine “hoarding”.

  11. Here it is….I have collected magazines for years…House Beautful, Veranda, Southern Living, Metropolitan Home, ….well, you get the picture…I tell myself that I will cut out and save the images I love the most…..but I don’t….have time or do it…so Pinterest is the next best thing….saving for a time when I need inspiration….smiles

  12. I’m pinning because I’m currently going through a complete house restoration. Our house was gutted by a fire last summer and as it’s being restored we’re being called on to make an overwhelming number of decisions–structural, design, and decor. Living in temporary housing with very little, using Pinterest is a great way to catalog ideas for our restored home.

  13. i am new at itm but what a wonderful way to “bookmark ” and save all the various ideas, sources, etc without having to print them out and then file or post on a cluttered bulletin board. gathering my ideas in one place…. i love it.

  14. I am pinning to keep track of all the rooms that are quiet, simple and modern because this is how I wish my life and surroundings to be. When I need inspiration I just look at my pins so I have a visual of what that kind of life looks like:)

    Happy pinning

    p.s. it does not take place of my magazines however! Bummer!!

  15. GREAT PICS:) I really like your much nice inspiration.
    By the way a recent post of mine where also about.. simplicity is sometimes the best:)
    I wish you a lovely week.

    LOVE Maria at

  16. If I say I pin for inspiration will I be forgiven?….LOL
    I agree it’s totally addicting but oh so good. It’s like all the magazines I love in one amazing virtual library..without all the ads.

  17. Oye Coco, you’ve read my mind! Are we just hoarding pictures? And to what end? I worry we’ve just hopped on another social media train but is this a train to nowhere? Scratching my head along with you and hoping someone can offer some eloquent prose on the virtues of pinning!

  18. Love every bit about this post…thank you! I agree that Less Is More and have to remind myself of this every time I write copy for our website. This saying applies to so many aspects of our lives…maybe Pinterest too!

  19. Here’s my take on pinterest – it’s a dreamer’s dream! I get to take ownership of a b’jillion wonderful things with very little commitment and no financial expenditure. I also don’t need to provide storage for my selections – pinterest does it for me. It also satisfies my possible hoarding bug in a very organized way – no kicking my way into a room! Debra

  20. two sofas – sometimes it works – sometimes not. I like a sofa and a daybed that you can sit on both sides. And oy PINTEREST! I’m addicted. For an interior designer with a home and work computer though saving images to the cloud is a dream.

  21. I’m one of those crazies with thousands of images on pinterest. I really love it because it keeps my computer/desktop free. I do try to only pin images I really love, interior details that I really want to remember, recipes I will actually try. I’m a really visual person so thinking of an idea and going back to see my inspiration point for it is really fun for me.

  22. As a designer it allows me to pin inspiration and remember that it came from your site. It keeps my inspiration linked to the source which I love since there have been many times I save an image only to want the image I saw below it on the same page at a later date. I just wish it wasn’t public or linked so tightly to social networks because I don’t need all my work inspiration coming home with me.

  23. Loving your blog!!! Regarding Pinterest, I was thinking what you wrote exactly regarding this new “addiction” the other day; I wondered “why do we do it?” But I find some many wonderful things there… Not only do we get to know each other better, by our sharing what we like, but we also find wonderful artists and vendors from all over; what a WONDERFUL thing! :o)

  24. Pinterest makes it is so much easier and I feel more organized than when I was ripping pages out of magazines. Personally, it’s wonderful to collect ideas for projects I’m working on. Professionally, it’s another way to identify your brand. Also a good place to gather images of your work that others are pinning anyway.

  25. Yes, I believe it is virtual hoarding. I am so addicted to Pinterest, but I worry that it is just pointless, overly-acquisitive…. I do use the images for inspiration and I really love looking at all the beautiful images out there, but I am pretty sure I am just a virtual hoarder… At least my family won’t have to figure out what to do with all that crap when I die! 😉

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