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Children's bedroom with two twin beds with lime green spindle headboards, light purple walls, carpeted floor and a white nightstand with lime green drawers
Photo: Moises Esquenazi

Love these twin bedrooms. Perfect for children (boy, girl or even toddler soon to be tot) and/or guests. Oh how I wish I even had an extra room to decorate…for kids and guests alike.

Think these rooms are fab because they all have a bit of whimsy to them and some bold use of color. All show much design can matter in a kid’s or guest room.

From fun spindle headboards, to colorful drapes and canopies, to grass cloth covered walls, to a bright Marimekko wallpaper (see last photo), to colorful bedding…these rooms pack twice the design punch of any old single bed bedroom!

Bedroom with two twin beds red upholstered headboard, white bedding with red trim, instead of a nightstand, between the beds is a wood desk with a wood chair with woven seat and back, and striped curtains
Photo: Meg Braff

Bedroom with two twin beds with striped canopies and blue upholstered headboards, a red rug and a colorful lantern
Photo: Katie Leede

Bedroom with green walls, two twin beds with white and green headboards, white bedding with blue trim, a blue throw and green ottomans at the foot of the bed

Bedroom with two twin wrought iron beds with arched headboards, red gingham bedding, beadboard ceiling and a wood nightstand between the beds
Photo: Michael Grimm

Bedroom with Marimekko wallpaper, two twin beds with black iron frames and white bedding with brightly colored pillows, and a light wood flor
Photo: Style at Home

My favorite is the first room with the great yellow headboards…forget the guests or children, I might just make that one my own!

Happy Wednesday! (I have the day off from work…yipppeeee)


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  1. The little boys room is adorable! My favorite is the room with the sunflowers. Love the iron bedframes and red checked blankets.

    Makes me want to do my bedroom over..>Wait I have to “do” it before I can do it over. I love making pillows and being able to change my bed linens cause I get bored. Or else I ruin them cause I leave a pen on the bed and it bleeds all over the cover.

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