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Backyard of an East Hampton compound with a pool, walkway and well kept hedges

Okay.  I have said I want a castle, then I said I wanted a farm with a beautiful barn, then I said I dreamed of a beautiful city penthouse apartment with sparkling city views…I’ve now changed my mind again…I want a compound.  I want my own compound.

Years ago, I had the privilege of being invited to the Kennedy Compound on Cape Code in Hyannis Port, MA.  It was like a dream.  I was invited by a friend to a garden party there, I went, it was afternoon, late afternoon if I remember, white houses, super green grass, leading right up to the shimmering water.  A handful of people mingled here and there…a Kennedy in my age range came out and introduced himself to me…don’t know which it was (some nephew or something)…we all sipped drinks, stood on the lawn for about an hour and then we left.  This was way before my blogging days and well before my iPhone.  I have no pictures…just dream like memories of a gorgeous compound…a little town of sorts for one of America’s most prominent families.

So, this little $24.5 million dollar compound in East Hampton got me thinking…I want a compound.  This one consists of a shingle style main house and 4 out houses.  Perfect.  Would give my mother the main house of course…would take one for me and mine…one for sis…then I might populate the rest with rotating family and friends.  The COCOCOZY Compound.  Coco’s Compound.  Compound de Coco.  Coco’s patch.  Any of these work?

Anyhooo….the home is listed by Sotheby’s International.  On over 2.1 acres, with 6 bedrooms, 9 baths total, a pool and so much more! Something to consider if you have a few million hanging around.  Right?

Grey living room in an East Hampton compound with stained wood floor, built in bookcase and painted ceiling beams
Bedroom in an East Hampton compound with a gallery wall, wood floor and lantern lamp
Grassy front yard of a house that's part of an East Hampton compound
Patio of a house an East Hampton compound with grey sofas, wood table, a lantern light and a gorgeous yard
Open plan living room of a house on an East Hampton compound with grey sofas and armchair and beamed ceiling
Exterior of an East Hampton's Compound

Happy Friday!


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  1. This house is absolutely flawless. I also have a vague memory of the Kennedy compound, I was nine and on a road trip with my parents from Boston to Nova Scotia. My mother made my new step-father, drive to the Kennedy compound and idle out back while she snuck to get a closer look. I will never forget that place, the white houses, grey roofs, and green grass. It was unlike anything I had ever seen back home in Washington State. After seeing this home I too dream of a compound. My compound. This compound.

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