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Naja Munthe's modern living room

I like this apartment that belongs to Copenhagen based fashion designer Naja Munthe. Naja’s design aesthetic for designing clothing and at her own home are spot on.

Love the use of the encasement iron framed doors and windows inside this 2500 square foot apartment.

This is my type of apartment.  Also notice the herringbone wood floors in the living room and dining room.  Like. Like a lot.

fireplace with white tile and a wood herringbone floor
Naja Munthe's dinning room with a wall sized book case
A huge bookcase with over 500 books provides for a nice back drop in the apartment’s dining room.  Eames chairs surround a vintage black dining table. (above and below)
dining room with herringbone wood floors with living room in the background
Naja Munthe's contemporary styled bedroom

What do you think of this Denmark flat?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Back to my weekend in San Francisco and the experience at the 49ers football game.  Highlights of game day were: 1)  hanging out with TE; 2) walking around the huge tailgate in the parking lot which was like a huge bizarre carnival with people with painted faces wearing red who were 49ers fans and others wearing huge slices of cheese on their heads if they were Green Bay Packers fans; 3) the jets flying over the stadium after the national anthem; 4) meeting and sitting next to Brenda and Jerry who have season tickets and who had a whole “game day watching” system down where Jerry had his binoculars and earphones and Brenda somehow managed to find a place in the stadium that sold her mimosas in a plastic champagne glass and she even had 49ers red gloves with fur around the wrists to match all of her other 49ers garb; and, 5) finally watching the very exciting game itself.   There was a moment that was less than a highlight.  A guy spilled a full beer down my coat while I was by myself getting something from the concession stands…I stood in the middle of the crowd with my bottom lip poked out soaking wet in draft beer and at a total loss for words…all of the super fans just looked at me as if to say “Poor thing…oh well…glad that’s not me.”  One lady passed by and actually said “Move out the way sweetheart, you could get hurt.”  Hmmm.  Lesson learned…make TE get all concessions in the future.  That little mishap aside.  All in all, this was only the second professional football game I had ever been to and it was quite fun. 🙂

TE took this picture during the national anthem at Candlestick Park before the 49ers game last Saturday! (above)

P.P.S.  Had a great time on Sunday.  TE and I met up with dear friend JO her husband TO and their 2 daughters at Bar Jules in San Francisco for a lovely brunch.  Then TE and I window shopped a bit in Hayes Valley.  Such a cute area of SF.

Photos: Morten Kolby Photography; Mad et Bolig; TE


  1. I live in Canada and normally watch the Canadian Football League games, where the field is slightly bigger and there are only 3 downs instead of 4. Our football season is over now, so I’ve been watching the NFL games. Are they ever good! Especially the 49ers/Packers game – lots of fun to watch. The 49ers quarterback was amazing!

  2. Beautiful decor! I would love to live in this apartment. The patterned duvet cover is so chic! Reminds me of an Inhabit duvet cover that I own. I also adore the quilted bed skirt. Very tasteful and elegant!

  3. Her home is gorgeous! I want to move it, but I would prefer it exist in Paris if I’m to be completely honest. Your SF weekend sounds like so much fun. TE’s photo is amazing!!! And Happy Birthday still. 😉 xx

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