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Living room in Zani Gugelmann's New York City loft with a purple Persian rug, grey sofa, pink and grey accent pillows and a room divider
A jewelry designer’s apartment features a Persian rug she had stained purple! (above)

Love this NYC loft apartment belonging to New York jewelry designer Zani Gugelmann.  A wonderful mix of old and new in a open space.

Zani Gugelmann's bedroom in her NYC loft with Boomerange chairs, a fern and white bedding
1960s Italian Boomerang chairs are part of the small light filled reading area in the bedroom. (above)
close up of Zani Gugelmann's night stand with a brass bull sculpture and flowers
A brass bull sculpture from Jonathan Adler’s collection sits on the nightstand table in the bedroom. (above)
Zani Gugelmann's home office in her NYC loft with a metal desk and large framed photo of an aloe vera plant
A vintage 1950s metal desk transforms a wall into a tiny home office. (above)

I would move into this loft happily.  How about you?

Happy Monday!


P.S.   Fun weekend.  Two dinners.  First dinner on Friday night with BN, SN and TE at Il Piccolino – great company and such a cute old school restaurant.  2nd dinner was on Saturday night with sis DS, TE and good friend JD at the Soho House.  We had a great time.

P.P.S.  Yesterday TE and I were having a late brunch in Venice…and in walks actor Adam Sandler.  I was not at all cool about this celebrity sighting because I was so surprised to see him.  There were only two tables of people in this small restaurant and we were sitting the near the door…so when Adam walked in, I inadvertently yelped and grabbed TE’s arm.  So much for being cool but casual.

Photos: Vogue

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