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open kitchen with extra long dining room table, bench seating, french doors, floor length curtains, and three pendant lights

I think I’d like a converted barn in England as my 8th home. Haven’t quite identified or acquired homes 2 through 7 yet but I think a converted barn in the Cotswold region would do just fine as my 8th home. I do.

I like this barn conversion pictured here. It has a decent amount of character but is neutral enough to provide a great backdrop for almost any type of decor. I like the exposed beams in the bedrooms upstairs too.

I also like the soft crushed light throughout.

Take a look…

kitchen with white island, metal stools, white cabinets, bottom freezer and french door refrigerator
living room with fireplace, light grey sofas with white accents pillows with a flower print, an ottoman coffee table and white cabinets with purple acecnts
modern rustic bedroom with exposed beams, animal skin rug, carpeted floors, white wardrobe and two accent table with table cloth and matching lamps
bedroom with two twin beds with white headboards and blue and white striped bedding with matching accent pillows
exterior of British Barn conversion with garden

What do you think of this British barn conversion? Like or dislike. I would love to see what it looked like before!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Why do they call barn remodels…barn conversions? I know they are converting the space from one use to another but essentially they are remodeling it…right? Just asking…

P.P.S. Please wish me luck…I have been allowing my dog (the one I rarely mention) to have free reign of my little house during the day. My dog, Mr. Boo, is little but he manages to get into big trouble regularly. I am hoping he hasn’t eaten a sofa by the time I get home. I think he is 6 years old now…so he SHOULD be over that chewing phase. It is not clear that he is. Wish me luck. 🙂

Photos: Light Locations

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  1. Because they are converting it from a Barn to a home… they’re not renovating it into a newer barn. Dare I say it Coco, the British use proper English ;D
    Cambridge dictionary says remodling (Verb) is to give a new shape or form to something & a conversion (noun) is when someone or something is converted from one thing to another…
    Either way it’s a lovely renovation (bit of Austalian English for you too 🙂 )

  2. Us Brits use either ‘conversion’ or ‘renovation’, depending on whether the building’s use is being changed, or just improved. So now you know 🙂

    Either way, I wouldn’t mind living in this barn!

  3. Love barn conversions! The Brits are so civilized with all there proper terms. We just sadly lost out on an old barn in England we were hoping to convert 🙁
    One day!!

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