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Mix and match conference room with a white table surrounded by a mix of chairs including a yellow Louis style chair, a Philippe Stark Louis Ghost Chair, the Panton iconic swoosh chair, and a white lacquer Chippendale style chair, a black and white diamond printed rug, and shelves with wicker baskets and folders
Mixing and matching is the order of the day at the main conference table in this design office. The white table is surrounded by a mix of chairs including a yellow Louis style chair, a Philippe Stark Louis Ghost Chair, the Panton iconic swoosh chair, and I white lacquer Chippendale style chair that I recognize from West Elm. (above)

Love the space that Avenue Interior Design created for their Venice Beach, CA office!

I met Ashley Manhan, one of the principals of Avenue Interior Design, years ago now I think…met her through good friend KD…and was invited to a dinner party at her well styled house. Thought Ashley had a wonderful sense of design then and still do.

Just this week or last week or at some point in the past (I have no sense of time as everything in my life blurs together…), Ashley emailed me some fab before and after shots of the office she and her two partners (Casey Noble and Andrea DeRosa) designed as the headquarters for their growing interior design business.

Love this space…it is friendly, organized (so key for any work space), fresh, accessible and pretty. Done…I would like to work in that space!

Design wise…it is a great mix of modern classics, vintage pieces and new furniture all melded together to make a fabulously cohesive space.  Take a look.

Avenue Interior Design's office before they redecorated it
Before, an image of what the Avenue Interior Design office looked like before the Avenue Interior Design team got to work in making the space their own. (above) 

After the redecoration. A white Panton Chair is front of an Ikea found desk, to the left of the desk are shelves full of color coordinated books, files, and boxes
A classic white Panton Chair (I call them swoosh chairs) designed by Verner Panton in 1960 is perfectly poised in front of an Ikea found desk. (above)

Office with a  light blue glossy Parsons Desk, a silver garden stool and vintage magazine rack
Love the light blue glossy Parsons Desk from West Elm paired with the fanciful silver garden stool and vintage magazine rack! (above)

Close up of the lamp, books, card holder and ikat bowl on the light blue glossy Parsons Desk in the office

Designers Andrea DeRosa, Ashley Manhan and Casey Noble in their office
Avenue Interior Design principals from left to right – Andrea DeRosa, Ashley Manhan and Casey Noble (above)
Bright blue front door to Avenue Interior Design

Love this office space. I need a great office space. I need someone to come in and organize my office space like this!

Ashley, Andrea and Casey also have an e-decorating service called I Heart Design by Avenue…love their concept of building a room…they assign everyone a design personality type and then work from there!

What do you think? What do you like about this space? What tricks have you used in your own home office? Where do you set up “shop” when you are at home on your computer? Would love to know.

Happy Friday!


P.S. Thank you Caitlin of Caitlin Wilson  Designs Style Files and Jody from Design Serendipity for the nice posts this week regarding  the COCOCOZY collection!  So nice of you!


  1. so fresh and surprise it is a house of the mix of chair styles around the conference table…and all the open storage..lovely post Coco..have a great visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  2. It looks fine nothing more nothing less I’ve seen better and worse .It certinly wouldn’t make me want to drop 50 grand with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Coco,

    My 1st question was also where does the rug come from? Love it and the entire office. I need to redo mine as well!

    Art by Karena

  4. I just discovered your blog. I am very behind the times! But I wanted to say how much I love it. Your shop has the most amazing finds. I will certainly be mulling over the choices there. And the images you choose to post are so great, many of them have found their way into my “inspiration file.” Just thought I would drop a note, and say you have a new fan!

  5. AMAZING work space!! so organized and practical, yet not lacking in whimsy/quirkiness! LOVE the bold rug, mis-matched chairs, and countless boxes/baskets and cubbies!!

  6. Oh wow, what a huge change. I love, love, love this office. It looks fresh, bright, stylish and organized at the same time. I am seriously considering adding some brighter colors to my office as well, it must be much more fun to work in a colorful room.

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