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While wandering through the streets of Paris on a hot summer day today, I found myself a wonderful shaded resting place off of Rue de Furstenberg in the 6eme. It has been humid, hot, raining but still gorgeous here in Paris. My sister DS ran back to our favorite cafe Les Deux Magots to pick up a lost item…I got a chance to take in a well styled little enclave that I wanted to share with you!

Happy Sunday!


P.S. I have photos of the shops on the road but I couldn’t figure out how to edit them over the video!


  1. After months of reading your blog I now know what your voice sounds like and and it’s lovely! Thanks for the short video also-the square is a pleasant respite from the hectic Paris summer!

  2. I have been on that street many times! I think Restoration Hardware got the inspiration for their new “look” from the store Flamant which is right in that circle!

  3. Love your video and blog. My husband and I lived around the corner on rue Jacob and would stroll through ‘Place’ de Furstenberg often. It is so charming — lovely shops, as you mentioned, and setting for movies…. a scene from Dangerous Liasons with Michelle Pfieffer was filmed there (hope I’m not dating myself). Bon vacance!

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