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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

Almost exactly one year ago yesterday, I launched the COCOCOZY textiles collection at the New York International Gift Fair.  An exciting year filled with many highs, a few lows, lots of comedic moments and an incredible “ride” on the so called become a business owner-textiles designer learning curve!

Before a year ago, I had never in my life set up a booth, created a display or sold a pillow!  How things change!  Never say never…really!

Well here we are.  COCOCOZY 2012 at the NYIGF…in a bigger booth (#7919)…with more pillows, throws and new items like tabletop and some home accessories!

Here’s a little show and tell on what we did to set up!

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

Empty booth at the New York International Gift Fair
We arrived Thursday to this – an empty white 12×20 space with hard walls constructed and plastic over my sisal rug. (above)

White lacquer display with floating shelves with boxes holding the rest of COCOCOZY's booth for the New York International Gift Fair
Friday, the next day…miraculously someone had moved in my white lacquer display cases and put up floating shelves on the sides of the booth. (above)

KS stuffing pillows for the COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair
Then fab Associate Operations Manager KS (who loves the color pink) and I began stuffing pillows.  For every one pillow I stuffed,  KS seemed to have stuffed two.  I spent a lot of time fretting and scrutinizing the space. (above)
Vinyl lettering going up at the COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair
My favorite part of set up is when the vinyl lettering goes up.  (above)

COCOCOZY booth in progress!
Some progress being made!  Two ladders that I had painted white to hang throws and several boxes of inserts and other accessories still needed to be placed into the booth. (above)
finished COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair
This was Sunday morning!  Booth complete ready for the show! (above)

COCOCOZY booth in progress at the New York International Gift Fair
Lights still on the ground but best of friend AM’s pink birdcage and drapes are all up. (above)

COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair
New fabric pattern called Arch and new colorways charcoal and sea foam green. (above)

COCOCOZY throws displayed on a ladder at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY throws displayed on a ladder at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY Lavender Sachets at the New York International Gift Fair
Lovely lavender sachets made out of COCOCOZY Logo linen. (above)

Booth cards
Our booth cards sit in silver plates for passersby to take with them. (above)

finished booth at the New York International Gift Fair
About 25 minutes before the show starts…booth is ready to go! (above)

What do you think of our little booth?  Like or dislike?  It is okay to dislike you know…I have thick skin.  Anything you might add or take away or replace?

A special thanks to fab Associate Operations Manager KS for all of her hard work setting up the booth with me over the last few days…she basically did most of the styling because I kept stepping back and squinting and rearranging and making tweaks.  Another special thanks to WA, KS’s friend who came out to help with set up and the first day of the show.  And then a huge thanks to best of friend AM, who lent items from her home for the booth (pink picture frames, a ceramic bowl, the pink birdcage and more) and who came in and made all of the necessary display adjustments!

My sis DS came by and now is back in L.A.   Now best of friend FF from New Orleans and FM her neighbor (and my friend) came all the way in to hang out!  Oh yes and I saw my good law school friend JT who stopped by to say hi and I got a gander at her lovely engagement ring – she’s getting married! All so exciting.

We had a great first day of the show.  Lots of nice people stopping by!

Today is another day!

Here we go!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  So many nice readers stopped by including designers Kate Jackson, Emily Butler, Paige and Doug from Tracery Interiors in Florida/Alabama, Lee Kleinhelter from Pieces Inc. in Altanta and so many many more!  And I had a COCOCOZY first, a lovely MAN named David stopped by with his wife and gorgeous baby son to say that HE reads the blog regularly!  I’ve never had a guy who has actually admitted to reading my constant chatter.  He was so nice.

P.P.S.  Running off to another day at the show.

P.P.P.S.  Hope you have a great day!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. Everything looks A-MAZING!! I was at the Pier on Saturday but when I checked out I was looking through the window down to the section I really wanted to be in and your booth was GLOWING! Literally it stood out from all the rest. I pointed to Brian and said, see that booth? Bloggers really know how to do it 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all your new product!

  2. It is a gorgeous booth, I love the new additions to your line!

    If I could I would make about a dozen purchases in your shop!

    Art by Karena

  3. Congrats Coco! Love the clean look of the booth. I am loving the new charcoal colors and arch pattern! I have an order to place with you for 3 pillows so going to send you an email so we can meet up when you get back 🙂

    Good luck!


  4. Coco, your booth looks fantastic! I really like how you put the pops of pink at the top of the shelves and using and painting those ladders white was an awesome idea. Everything looks amazing, such a pretty looking booth. So cool that you accomplished so much in one year. Congrats and hope you get tons of orders!

  5. Coco, its absolutely beautiful and SO FRESH! You really chose the best layout and color combos on the shelves to make your goods POP!

    Love the white ladders for the throws, genius idea 😉

    Best of luck with the rest of the show… can’t believe your success in such a short period of time! Way to be a trailblazer!

    <3 Jamie

  6. SEEMI! The space looks amazing and it is making the upholstery stand out! brilliant wish i could buy some of the stuff totally inspired! the only thing that is a bit out of place is the ladder that has the wallpapers/cloth pieces! :)all the best for the future xoxox!!

  7. Looks fantastic! Brilliant idea painting the ladders to display your beautiful throws! I wonder if I could do that in my family room? My son would be scaling the walls in no time:0

  8. It was such a treat to meet you in person after reading your blog for so long and admiring your fabulous line! Thanks for the shout out 😉 Looking forward to working with you!! xoxo

  9. The booth looks beautiful! The pink accents are a nice pop of color. The textiles are gorgeous. Well done!! Best of luck during the gift fair.

    Tammie Burton

  10. As beautiful as it looks here, its even better in person! Knocked it outta the park! school? have we already discussed that we are both former lawyers? I know ever other design blogger seems to be these days!:) so great meeting you finally! xx

  11. Love, love, love CocoCozy!!
    Coco – It was such a pleasure meeting you at the NY Gift Show. I am so glad Miss Jennifer introduced us.

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