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COCOCOZY Spring 2011 Post Card
COCOCOZY Spring 2011 Collection in progress..this is a finished version of handout postcard we put together just Monday. Love my graphic designer EF…she is awesome! (above)

I wanted to first say…thank you for the huge outpouring of support and kind comments on the announcement post I did about my first home furnishings collection – COCOCOZY SPRING 2011!

I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am by your kindness. THANK YOU READERS! I’ve said it a million times…but you inspire me!

Many of you have asked when the COCOCOZY home furnishings collection will be available…

Well the big the launch is really to buyers at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) at the end of the month. The pillows will be available here on COCOCOZY too as well…my fab web designer is working on finishing touches on the shop site as I write this!

We are in crunch mode for the next few weeks getting ready for the fair. While I have been conceptualizing for well over a year …I came up with all of my original designs back in 2009/early 2010 (many of which started out as merely sketches on graph paper or a photo as inspiration) and have been researching by going to every single tradeshow I can for the last year and a half. But I only decided to launch about 4 months ago. So with no samples, production, linen, cotton throws in hand, back in September the race began…and I am still running! (when I told my good friend BN I was exhausted yesterday, he told me to buck up because the triathalon has just started!)

Most people wouldn’t share their process…well, I am going to…I can’t be standoffish like the truly smart people (I’m not one of those clever, wiley, mysterious, keep-it-close-to-the-vest types of people who brilliantly know just to how to be cagey enough…unfortunately…LOL)…it is what I am living 24/7 right now…so you all will get a peek into the making of a line from time to time over the next month.


MY TO DO LIST (just a snippet of it…):

1. Finish Printed Materials – Handouts and Catalogue
COCOCOZY Spring 2011 Handouts and Catalog
Phew – Graphic designer EF is finishing up the product catalogue based on my mock up! Still lots of other printed pieces to design. Here are the first three pages! (above)

2. Pick up last round of pillows from the upholsterer – pink for Spring and the COCOCOZY logo linen pillows
Here is some fabric that came in just last week…one of my upholsterers is working on crafting a selection of sample pillows in pink and in the COCOCOZY Logo fabric…we’ll see what the pillows look like?!?!? Will decide later whether to include them in the collection. (above)

3. Pick up extra fabric from print house to make extra pillows for press mailing
COCOCOZY fabric on a framing machine in a print house
COCOCOZY fabric on the framing machine at the print house (above)

4. Ship all 100 down inserts to NY for booth

5. Schedule another photo shoot with fab photog Hugh Hamilton
COCOCOZY pillow photo shoot
This photo is from our late night photo shoot at my sister’s house in Bel Air. Hugh, my friend CS and I began shooting at 5pm on 12/23 and the shoot lasted until 3:30am on Christmas Eve. We photographed 100 pillows. Because not all of my samples were ready (just a handful) and because I want to do a few in scene shots, fantastic photographer HH will do a pick up shoot in the next few weeks. (above)

Anyhooo (one reader says she hates when I say anyhoooo…LOL!)…that’s a little bit from what has to happen today…

Will do a regular relaxing post that has nothing to do with to do lists tomorrow! Later this month, I will take you back in the process and show you how I got to here…why not? Right?

Happy Wednesday (oh time is flying…yikes)! Again, thank you so much for being so nice!


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  1. Wow, it will be worth all the blood, sweat & tears!! I’m curious what would be the pricing points for your pillow line? The pink would be fab for spring/summer!

  2. Coco~ Not only do I love everything about your blog, but am thrilled to see your line! I can’t wait to see what comes next. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment!

  3. What a fantastic line of pillows! Congratulations! I am a sucker for throw pillows, hmmmm…

  4. Congratulations! I love your logo and can’t wait to see more designs from your line. Suggestion: a 20×20 pillow with your logo (just one) large on the front in a hot pink…I would buy that! Thanks for sharing your journey…truly an inspiration.

  5. Wow! This is so cool, Coco! And when you are famous and commuting back and forth from New York to Paris, we can all say that we were there for the beginnings.
    You are such a talented lady.

  6. You are doing a fabulous job!! Excited to see the “shop” sight up and running—am already planning a re-vamp of a guest room thanks to your new designs.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s nice to run across people who don’t hold things so close to their vests! I wish you all the best success at the fair later on this month. Wish I could come and take it all in in person!

  8. Thank you for sharing your fun and challenges – I love seeing it all. Congratulations on such a great collection of textiles! Beautiful! You are an inspiration! I look forward to seeing more

  9. So great! Looks like between your patient photographer, your sister and your graphic designer that you have found some really wonderful people to work with which is more than half the battle…can not wait to read more about the process, etc. so interesting!

  10. All I can say is THANK YOU for using such fabulous fabrics designs for your new range, quatrefoil has to be one of the most exquisite patterns on this planet! Well done, I aspire to start my own range of linen for the Australian market as we are very limited to what is made available to us here. All the best with your adventure (I might be in touch soon to get some advice from you!)


  11. Congratulations on your new adventure…it’s a huge endeavor but it sounds like you are totally committed….so I predict cococozy will be a huge success!! 😀

    Best of luck,

  12. Well done, CC!

    You took a brave new step and did it with aplomb! I will definitely be looking for your gorgeous cushions (in the CC Logo Print) when we settle down in Los Angeles.

    Clever Girl.

  13. It will be fun to watch the behind the scenes process so thanks for sharing and good luck with the new line.

  14. Coco! I am so impressed! Congratulations on a thoughtful, beautiful, and special line. Can’t wait to buy something. Amazing!!

  15. Hi Ashley,

    The designs were created by me including my logo! I have textile graphics people who put the designs into a digital format for printing. These designs are all made by, developed by, created by COCOCOZY!

    Thank you for the kind words about the collection and the good luck wishes!


  16. Wow. Congratulations. I can’t imagine how much work has gone into this. It will all be worth it. It’s so refreshing to see someone who is willing to share some of their process.

  17. Coco, not only is your blog amazing, but so are your designs! You are truly an inspiration and just know that your readers will support you the entire way!

  18. Super cool! I had scrolled from item #1 to #2 and instantly back again. My brain was trying to capture how you got from conceptual drawings to the fabric rolling off of the huge bolts in the factory. Thus, I was excited to see that there will be future posts about that process. So many of us get stuck at those drawings and mock ups, and never get to the printing press (so to say). Congrats! Carrie (new Gingham & Gold blog)

  19. Just found your blog and am so impressed and inspired by your collection and the fact that you DID it. Everything looks gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to hearing how the gift fair goes! Best wishes!!

  20. anywhooooo….this is beyond amazing that you’re doing this AND being so kind to share the process. i find it so fascinating, inspiring, and am thoroughly impressed. congrats and good luck! the line looks great! xo

  21. Thanks so much for sharing, I love behind the scenes!
    I’ve always dreamt of developing an original line, but it has never happened:(
    I’m so glad to see you are making your dream come true:)

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