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White rustic eat in kitchen with white washed floors and cabinetry, exposed bulb lighting, white subway tile backsplash with dark grout lines, and reclaimed butcher block counter tops.

Classic country decor is definitely not my style…I can appreciate it but would not want to live in a completely country decorated home. That being said…there are some country-esque spaces that work for my sensibilities…this open kitchen is an example.

Not quite classic and not quite country, this kitchen exudes something rustic, down home, comforting and cozy (yes cozy even though it is stark white). From England, this all white country eat-in space is rough around the edges while being refined at the same time. This one-wall kitchen is simple, functional and rustic. The reclaimed like looking butcher block counter tops, the white washed wood floors and cabinetry, the exposed bulb lighting, the white subway tile backsplash with dark grout lines showing all work together to create a space that is beyond shabby and actually a bit chic.

Close up of the exposed bulb lighting, white subway tile backsplash with dark grout lines, and reclaimed butcher block counter tops in a white rustic kitchen.

White china cabinet in a white rustic eat in kitchen

White rustic dining room with white washed floors, tables and chairs, exposed beams and white dome style pendant lights

White rustic eat in kitchen with white washed floors, tables and chairs, exposed bulb lighting, and reclaimed butcher block island.

Oh the only thing I might do to make this space really work is add just a few pops of color with some accents here or there…maybe some kitchen knicks and knacks in red would do the trick!

What do you think dear readers? I want your opinion on this modern country space.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I am really loving this. It almost reminds me of a beach kitchen. I love the modern twists- like you said the open space, the bare bulb lights. Maybe a muted blue or green could be worked in.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. *~ I really love this look! I might add some muted colours like difitaldollhouse suggested but there’s something about that white which instead of seeming sterile is very comforting! ~*

  3. You know, I Love it both ways… love an all white interior… maybe some more texture. Pops of color would be great too. The really great thing about an all white space is that it is so easily changed with different accessories. Love those dining room pendants.. šŸ™‚


  4. I like this kitchen, but I can’t put my finger on exactly why…it’s the kind of kitchen you can pad around in barefoot all afternoon but there’s still an elegance about it…
    I think I would like a pop of color in this if it was my kitchen: yellow with robin’s egg blue perhaps?

  5. I think it is a gorgeous kitchen but agree that a some pops of bright colour would make it even better. I love the stove like crazy and really like the industrial lighting- all in all, I don’t find it too country- more scandanavian rustic, if that makes any sense:)

  6. Love it Love it Love it! Used it in one of my posts…

    But, oh! The first spilled red would kill me. I’d be cleaning tiny spots for weeks, yes?

    I love your blog so…

  7. I love this kitchen also. I have a similiar kitchen here in my 1727 antique cape, and I have a RED AGA stove, which is all the “pop” of color I need !! You would just LOVE it, I know. With black and white granite and all white cabinets and wall paint.

    • i immediately felt the same response! what would make this kitchen “really work” is leaving it as it is. otherwise, its not this kitchen.

  8. A great take on country with a more modern look. I do love a country kitchen as it’s inviting and a very classic look. I love the white but i would love to see some exposed wood..maybe some beam ceilings. Don’t knock until you have tried it as i left the Big Apple for the country life and i am enjoying every minute!

  9. You know I believe this is the kitchen Miss Sophie Dahl used in her British cookery series.

    In the programme the kitchen was extensively styled with a rather scrumptious vintage aesthetic but the good bones of this lovely kitchen are still clear to see…

  10. Way, way too white! It needs a pop of color somewhere important: a rug under the table, for example; and/or the two light fixtures above the table. I’d actually choose a black and white striped or zigzag rug with yellow or cobalt green light fixtures. Then, for a final act of daring, match the Le Crueset cookware to whatever pop of color is chosen.

  11. White has a wonderful flow that almost feels restful and dreamy to me. I’ve always loved to live in white rooms!though Pops of color would be great too..but still Love the crisp of white..The feeling is luxe!

  12. I shared this with my two daughters, one of whom has a “frenchified” version of this kitchen. We love it.
    I didn’t think I will like all that white but it works. My next home will definitely be like this with some fresh greenery. So, so refreshing!

  13. Faaaabulous !! I have drooled about this kitchen since I first saw it in a british Livingetc magazine a few years back…love it as much today as I did then .. The entire house is in shades of beautiful !!

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