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Helmi Plastic Woven Rug in light blue
Brita Sweden – Helmi Plastic Woven Rug – $96-$459 (Woven plastic rug made from soft plastic foil and polyester. Does not disperse toxins. Comes in a variety of sizes) (above)

Here’s a new COCOCOZY franchise…NEW TO MARKET. Thought I would start this segment to introduce you to things that are new in home furnishings.

Love these plastic rugs from Brita Sweden…and love this new zig zag pattern even more! So cute  I think.  Comes in various runner sizes and a full area rug!  I think I would snatch up a version of the light blue.  Oh did I mention it can be used indoor and outdoor (not in direct sunlight though).  I like.

Helmi Plastic Woven Rug in brown

Helmi Plastic Woven Rug in yellow

Here’s the list of U.S. stores carrying Brita Sweden rugs.

Do you like? Where might you use one of these cuties in your home?

So that is my first NEW TO MARKET…more to come as the huge New York Gift Fair approaches next week. 

If you have a cute new product that you are launching in New York at the fair, please email me at [email protected] and maybe I’ll feature. 

Happy Friday!


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  1. Those are gorgeous, seriously loving the yellow! I am so confused…I must be new to the ‘plastic rug’ deal. Is the texture comparable to typical indoor/outdoor rugs?

  2. OOOh! I love the rug! simply adore it!!!! I need advise on the color though… I have cream walls…. would be yellow or a mocca?? hmmm… help coco!

  3. Those are beyond gorgeous and very affordable. How do they feel – are they soft or feel like plastic?

  4. They actually are pretty soft. I saw them for the first time at the last New York International Gift Fair. They are quite lovely. Also, the middle color is more of a soft light greyish purple. It reads as brown for some reason here. Imelda, I think you should get that color for your room…would go well with your cream walls (or the light blue).


  5. I have one of these and use it indoors. I really love how textural and handwoven it looks and gives the appearance of a textile. It also stays really clean and is great for homes with pets or children!

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