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Green tufted velvet round ottoman from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters – Lana Velvet Pouf – $89 (tufted velvet round ottoman. Comes in Spring Green, Royal Purple or Chocolate Brown. Dimensions: 17″w, 17″h, 17″d. ) (above)

Okay…love this little tufted pouffe. A pouffe, puff, stool, ottoman, foot rest, side table or anything you want it to be!

AM, my good friend, had mentioned months ago that she was looking for a fully tufted and upholstered ottoman. No base (wood or metal or fabric covered) showing, all fabric showing, fully upholstered and button tufting. AM had seen something like it in Elle Decor but when I found that particular piece I found out it was thousands of dollars.

Brown tufted velvet round ottoman from Urban Outfitters

So some months later…eons after AM put in her request for my furniture hunting skills…with my eye still on the prize (hunt) for AM (shows focus, tenacity perseverance. Trying to give myself a pat on the back when really this find was all about luck)…I stumbled upon this little stool from Urban Outfitters. Cute, affordable and stylish. Who could ask for more? (Knowing AM…she’ll ask for more…:-))

Brown tufted velvet round ottoman from Urban Outfitters

Hey AM…is this what you were looking for???

Does anyone have any other suggestions or AM?

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