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Street style photo of an Asian woman wearing a glen plaid coat and shorts
Cute Glen plaid coat and shorts! (above)

I have come to a conclusion about plaid.  I like a lot of plaid in fashion and a little of plaid in home design. A plaid is a timeless pattern…plaid works on the streets and in interior design.  Perfect for fall!

One of my favorite rooms is the kitchen featured below with a plaid floor!  I have featured this room below because it belonged to my friend and architect Tom Newman.  He recently sold his chic Los Angeles house for several million dollars…I’m sure this plaid floor was a selling point!

Tartan Plaid, Glen Plaid, Prince of Wales Plaid, Tatersall and more…doesn’t matter what type of plaid…I think this pattern is quite rad!

Dining room and kitchen with plaid floor and floor to ceiling wallpaper in a Los Angeles home by Tom Newman
My friend and architect Tom Newman just sold his house in Los Angeles that featured this plaid floor in the kitchen! (above and below)
Dining room and kitchen with plaid floor and floor, black counter tops, white cabinets and stainless appliances in a Los Angeles home by Tom Newman
Woman wearing a green Tartan plaid dress on the streets of Paris, France
Great green Tartan plaid dress on the streets of Paris (above)
Teal living room with red, white and green Tartan pillows and a trunk with gold detailing doubling as a coffee table
Tartan plaid pillows in red white and green work with the colors in this teal living room (above)
Bedroom with blue plaid pillows, black and white gingham curtains and a dark wood bed with white bedding
Blue plaid pillows add a preppy vibe to this bedroom filled with a mix of patterns – also loving the gingham check curtains(above)
Woman wearing a Tartan plaid coat and denim overalls
A tartan plaid light coat and denim overalls actually work together! (above)

Do you like to wear plaid or decorate with plaid…or both?  If you have steered away from plaid in the past, why don’t you like?  Would love to hear your plaid stories…please leave comment below!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Hope you have a nice weekend!

Photos: Tommy Ton for; Coldwell Banker; Bess Friday; Domino


  1. Nice feature. I think the fourth picture was taken in London, though – I have never seen a red double-decker bus in Paris…..

  2. I can confirm that there are double decker buses in Paris. I hate to admit doing something totally touristy…but I have actually been on a Paris double decker bus once a very long time ago (and I actually enjoyed it…)…oy vey…OSS (over sharing syndrome) kicking in! Lastly, am pretty sure it is Paris in the pictures because I got the photos from when they were chronicling Paris fashion week. If it is London though, I happily stand corrected.

  3. I haven’t worn plaid that much in the past, but I want to embrace it this fall [i’d luv some plaid flats]. I love that green plaid dress.

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