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White kitchen with black lantern lights, wood floor, and a wood table surrounded by white wicker chairs with grey gingham covers

The mandate for designing this house was the owners wanted no color whatsoever. They asked and they got.

I like this home…I am in New York right now…it is cold…it was snowing when I arrived yesterday. So winter is on my mind.

A winter white home for year round use in the Hamptons…hard to keep clean I am sure…still something that really works about this paticular hom with all of the textures, shapes and contours that add visual interest with out a drop of color. For those of you who crave color, this is not the house for you…but for those of us who are okay with all rooms including white, this house has a very consistent theme and a certain blank canvas charm.

An all white space with interesting lines is refreshing and makes me think of endless possibilities.

White living room with two sofas, arms chairs, wood side tables, a striped rug, built in bookcases and a fireplace

Foyer with a white chandelier, white paneled walls, a white staircase with black railing and steps, dark wood floor, a tan rug and a round wood table

White bedroom with french doors, large windows, a fireplace, sofa, grey and white striped dueling armchairs and an upholstered ottoman

I especially love the foyer in this house! Love the high ceilings and the square paneled walls.

For those of you who like white rooms, what do you think? For those of you who can’t stand all white rooms, color aside, is there anything here that you find interesting design wise?

Happy Tuesday!


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Photos: Architectural Digest

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  1. It’s gorgeous! So beautiful, calming and serene. I could move right in and be happy for a lifetime. ps. Arlene, you could serve red wine, just keep a pot of salt handy to pour on any spills.

  2. Don’t think I could take a house like this. It does seem clean and crisp but I’m not feeling much warmth. Seems like A LOT to maintain too.I am liking the living room though and all the beautiful accessories it holds!

  3. It would have to be white sand though, Lidy. 😉

    Love the kitchen and the library. The foyer is lovely, with the beautiful details of staircase and panels. I find that hanging THING with lights truly hideous…but maybe it looks better in real life than in the photo!

  4. I love the lantern lights you used in the kitchen and the few hints of warm wood tones in the tables accentuate the white.

    I have to agree with Ruthita that the chandelier light in the foyer does not seem to fit in with the overall theme of the rooms and sticks out like an eyesore.

    Overall the rooms are lovely and the bedroom is very tranquil. I like the use of stripes in the chairs by the fireplace. Nice touch!

  5. I love white rooms, but have never been able to pull one off. I always end up adding color. I love the gray and white striped chairs!

    I’m new to your blog and am loving it!

  6. Beautiful place to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there. Total “white out” leaves me starving for some warmth in color!

  7. This house makes me think of a house I might see in Heaven! I would love to live in it so I could play with the decor by adding color with photos, vases, plants ect. It is a perfect “blank canvas”.
    AK xo

  8. It’s lovely! I think this kind of all white design is especially successful when you have other interesting things going on visually to support it – ie – great architecture and millwork. And in the living room the filled bookcases give the room some color and additional visual interest. I think the bedroom is the least successful – but that’s ok – it’s soothing and restful!

  9. Love this house. But there’s something not right about the chandelier in the foyer – it looks like it’s been photoshopped into the image. It’s at a funny angle and is clearly not hanging above the center table. Does anyone else see it?

  10. This is a perfect all-white home. It has so much architectural detail and monochromatic patterns that make it so appealing! I’m crazy over this! Thanks for sharing!
    Lila Ferraro

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