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white kitchen with dark wood floor and a stainless steel wall covered in magnets
A stainless steel wall in a bright Seattle kitchen is the perfect place for those magnates you usually see on refrigerator doors! (above)

I was on the website of interior designer Laura Bohn…searching through her portfolio when I came across these three images. Cute fun innovative design ideas.  I like the idea of taking a material or finish that has typically been seen one way and using it differently.  Here are three SMART DESIGNS!  Take a look!

Den with white walls, floating shelves and a fireplace with the fireplace surround painted with chalkboard paint
Chalkboard paint is used every  where these days but I’ve never seen it used on a fireplace surround…way to warm up the setting with some nice words! (above)
commercial metal shelving cart converted into a bathroom sink base
Okay…I have never seen this before…commercial metal shelving – a cart with wheels –  repurposed  into a  bath sink base! (above)

What do you think of these clever design ideas?  Like or dislike?  Can you imagine using any in your home?

I like the stainless steel wall the best I think!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Stainless steel wall is my favorite. very practical for all the fun family photos, kiddie reminders etc…rolling vanity looks cute, but would we really want to roll a vanity someplace?

  2. Loving these spaces. I like the metal magnet wall in the kitchen too! It’s a nice way to share all of the cool places you and the family may have visited (and I’ve never been a fan of magnets all over the front of the fridge so this is a great compromise!) Love the blog, You rock! xoxo

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