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wide plank wood floors foyer entry hall entryway entrance front door light blue decor interior design stairs

What do you think?  Which of these entry halls do you like best…simple “less is more decor” foyer above…or the decked out designed foyer below.

Which would you want to come home to every day?

I love the wide plank wood floors, the pale blue front door and the paneled walls in the first photo.

I also really like the black penny round tile floors, sisal stair case runner, the black framed art and mirrors and the great Madeline Weinrib rug in the photo below.


foyer entry hall entryway entrance stairs staircase black penny round tile floors natural fiber sisal seagrass stair staircase rug runner design decor

So…which do you prefer…I have my pick…once you weigh in I’ll let you know what I think tomorrow.

Comment below please!

Happy Monday!


Photos: Alex James Photography; House & Home


  1. #1 is nice.. simple in design, I like wall panels.. but personally I prefer foyer #2, for its refinement, architectural detail, picures.. it’s more elegant

  2. I don’t think #1 is less at all. There are actually more elements in the room that look cluttered to me; the leaning of the small art on the floor is likely the cause. #2 looks has strong cohesive design voice that looks as if it’s been curated.

  3. #2 is my pick. I love the high ceilings and architectural detail. When the fixed elements are already amazing, anything else you put with them will look terrific. So, the Madeline Weinrib rug, huge mirror and classic sisal up the stairs…icing on the cake!

  4. Def the second. I’m not a fan of pics leaning against a wall on the floor. That just looks stupid to me. I love the second one, design rug on the floor and the neutral sisal looking up the stairs. The coat hooks spaced out also are nice and functional, without looking like a wad of coats ( which is why I have!)

  5. Love them both (is that the ‘chiang mai dragon’ clad on the mirror frame in the 1st image ??)..but the second one is more my style..its really fabulous..xx meenal

  6. Totally the second. I am so midwest, the pictures leaning against the floor in the first example look like you have forgotten to place them on the wall! If you are looking for a foyer to welcome you into your home…the second is my choice all the way.

  7. No. 2! I reminds me of a real family home with the whole clan visiting for a week with the grandkids, and I’ me and Dad/Grandad are in the kitchen making breakfast before anyone is up.

    No. 1 is for more hippie/chic/minimalist decor. It’s nice, but I need to dress my house to feel at home.

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