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Kitchen with dark wood floor and cabinets with long silver drawer pulls flush to the ceiling, a tile backsplash, three pendant lights, stainless appliances and an island with a marble counter top with silver bar stools with low backs
Kitchen #1 – Dark wood is the order of the day in this chic modern kitchen with cabinetry flush to the ceiling. (above)

Was absolutely delighted a few weeks ago to meet Kevin Walsh of Bear Hill Interiors and his sister when they stopped by the COCOCOZY booth at the NY International Gift Fair.  I have featured Bear Hill’s work time and time again.  Love their style so I was truly thrilled to meet Kevin …who was just as nice as can be!

After seeing Kevin, I got to browsing around the Bear Hill website and came upon this kitchen.   A rich modern open kitchen with dark wood cabinetry with the grain of the wood peeking through, luxurious brown wood floors, marble island counters, a mosaic tile backsplash and some hints of lavender here and there.  Over the last week or so, I keep coming back to this kitchen.  It is not my normal white kitchen but I was really liking the simplicity and elegance of it.   That’s kitchen #1 in today’s THIS OR THAT.

Alternative view of the kitchen with dark wood floors and cabinets from floor to ceiling. In this view you can see the picture window with lavender floor length curtains and a long lavender upholstered bench with nail head trim

Then there is kitchen #2.  All white.  Totally different in feel with checkered stone floors, white cabinetry, bead board ceilings and an arched window above the sink.  Just the opposite tone…more classic and traditional.

All white kitchen with checkered marble floor and an arched window
Kitchen #2 – All white with checkered marble floors and an arched kitchen window is more traditional in feel. (above and below)

Alternative view of an all white kitchen where you can see the stainless appliances and the subway tile backsplash

Tough one in today’s THIS OR THAT…clean modern with dark wood grain cabinetry vs. white traditional with a stone floor?  Hmmm…I’m having a tough time here with this one.  Would it be cheating to say that I would take a little from both kitchens…the clean lines and wood floors from #1 and the color (or lack there of) from kitchen #2?  I know…I’m supposed to pick…but I can’t help it!

Which is your favorite kitchen if you had to chose?  Which might work in your own home?  #1 or #2?  No wishy washy answers like mine please!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Check out COCOCOZY Facebook to read about a funny tiny incident that happened to me just yesterday and weigh in…has to do with my weekend outfit choice!  So funny to read all of the comments!

Photos: Bear Hill Interiors; Domenech Photography

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  1. I have always been a huge fan of the all-white kitchen. BUT, this dark wood cabinetry, and beautiful counter and lighting, is so elegant yet simple, that I think I would have to choose it!

  2. I don’t really like the first picture of #2. The cabinetry looks cheap, but it all looks nice in the second picture of #2. I’m going to go with #1.

  3. I want to be the hip sleek number 1, however in the end I truly think the traditional me comes out and #2 wins. but…can I take the round glass light fixtures and put them in the white kitchen. Gotta throw a curve ball somewhere ; )

  4. I always love a good white kitchen, but, I’ve got to say, the dark wood kitchen pictured here is GORGEOUS! It is making me re-think my own dream kitchen plan.

  5. I have to go with all white and the checkered floor. The dark feels a little too masculine, although totally glamorous; but the white is the girly girl in me coming through. Number 2 for me for sure!

  6. Thank you for posting our work! Super Excited! Loved meeting you in New York-Not only are you easy on the eyes, but bursting with personality! I also love a white kitchen, but was really fun to work on this super sexy dark kitchen. Love the lavender wall color and am a huge fan of marble countertops! Thanks again!

  7. Maybe because I have a dark wood kitchen now I am really into the white ones!! you know the grass is always greener on the other side.. I am loving the option 2!

  8. While I love the white kitchen in theory I can’t help imagining what it would look like after spaghetti night with the kids. The arch above the sink and the splash behind the stove are great. I also love that huge wall of tile behind the stove with the dramatic range hood in the dark kitchen.

  9. Wow, both kitchens are gorgeous! I love dark wood, and I love all white kitchens too! Kinda hard to decide, but since I’ve already seen a lot of white kitchens lately, I think I’ll go for the elegant appeal of the dark wood kitchen for now. 🙂

  10. Hands down, WHITE, it will last longer..if that matters, and while the dark wood is gorgeous, I worry about things looking dated too fast, plus I just absolutely adore white kitchens, love them, so classy, so classic! and so fresh and happy!!!

  11. Absolutely love white kitchens (especially traditional, vintage or farmhouse). Much prefer white appliances to stainless steel of black.

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