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Foyer with Moroccan cement tile entryway floor in charcoal grey, black cabinets, white walls and a white staircase
Photo: Mixr
Moroccan cement tile entryway floor in charcoal grey (above)

Just got home yesterday after almost two weeks on the road. An amazing two weeks that included launching the COCOCOZY collection at the New York International Gift Fair and going to the Super Bowl in Dallas. Lots of highs over the last few weeks and just a few lows.

One of the lows was literally a low…as I was leaving the Javits Center one night walking (trudging) through the snow covered New York City sidewalks to find a cab. Before I knew it my feet swooshed right from under me and there I was splayed out in the snow, with a dress on, black tight clad legs and feet in the air (with cute shiny Wellies) and the contents of my purse fanned out around me…a lady walking behind me had her iPod on and I heard her say under her breath (but louder than that because she had her headset on), “oh that poor poor thing…uh”…then full of pity she reached down to help me (the poor thing) up from the snow. They should teach a class on how to fall gracefully in snow and how to get up gracefully after falling in the snow. I would take that class. Meanwhile, my “friends”, Alyssa and Amie were too busy chit chatting and laughing to even notice my unfortunate fall.

Anyhooo…have never been more happy to see my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills than I was yesterday. I walked in and breathed a sigh of relief. I stood in my entryway (if you can call the 1 square foot near the front door and entryway) and thought how wonderful it was to be home…made me start to think about entering into a space and how important that is.

Love these three entryways with their interesting tile floors. The one above is a Moroccan cement flooring with a great design…it might be my favorite. I also love the mosaic tile floor below and the black and white diamond entry at the bottom.

A black antique door and rough marble mosaic tile floor in a rustic entryway
Photo: via Birch & Bird
A black antique door and rough marble mosaic tile floor make for a gorgeous rustic entry.

hallway with black and white geometric tiles, large mirrors on each side and a single pendant light
Photo: Phoebe Howard

Which of the entry floors do you like? Would you ever fix up the floor in your foyer? Or have you? Tell please!

Have to run to a morning meeting at work. So glad to be back!

Happy Tuesday lovely readers! Happy Tuesday.


P.S. Thanks to Kalyn of Possess Your Style for the oh so sweet post about the COCOCOZY accessories launch. Awww…such nice words and such a nice post!


  1. Is it totally weird that I was paying more attention to the door in the second pic? I love black doors! That said, I think I’m with you on this one – that concrete tile is amazing. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. I’d prefer the first one. Because it’s light and airy. I’m a fan of geometric shapes and all but with the last one it makes the hall feel small and cornered.

  3. The first and third are my favorites – both fabulous. I have been dying to do an interesting stenciled pattern on the wood floor in my entry but my husband feels that it would be sacrilege. Since my design sensibilities are always a bit more forward than his, I am usually the one who has to accommodate.

  4. Coco, adore these floors and especially the first design.

    Ps I need to change out my foyer flooring!

    I hope you are okay from your fall, it can happen in just a sec, I know..

    Art by Karena

  5. My entry is tiled, but it’s just ‘meh’. We have a super open floor plan. When the tile is replaced, I have to take into account just about every other room in our home. So for now until I make up my mind I will still come home to the not so great 90’s tile.

  6. The first one is my favorite too! I love the colors and design. We have wood floors in our entry, that I would love to sand and stain a darker brown color. I think it would compliment the creamy white molding.

  7. Hey Coco,

    Congratulations on the launch. I wish you the best of luck. Your booth looked amazing.

    I’m a regular reader and a NYC resident. If the event had been open to the public, I would have gone down to cheer for you.

    I’m writing because of your fall in the snow. You had me laughing with the idea that there is a graceful way to fall or get up. There just isn’t. Last time I fell, I had to have a tetanus shot, so at least you avoided that.

    Anyway, good luck with the line and thanks for providing me with pretty things to look at.


  8. Where do I begin!? Your blog is fabulous!! The images are always fresh & stunning – you have an incredible eye for color. Everything you post is always inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!

    Oh, if you have a chance please stop by my brand new blog & follow if you’d like 🙂


  9. I love the first image and the last entry way reminds me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but in the best way possible! Great post 🙂

  10. I’m like Jo; the door in the second photo is fantastic! The last foyer I did was for a mammoth victorian in Charlotte. The original pine floors were severely damaged so I sanded, scored, taped and stained in four different wood stains; then sealed it under a gloss acrylic. It still looks like a million dollar floor after years of wear!

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