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Iron drum coffee table with coils topped with an embossed brass top
Cascara Coffee Table – $598.00 – (Rhythmic coils of patinaed iron form a drum-shaped round table, topped with a disc of embossed brass) (above)

I like these random items from Anthropologie…girly, fun, whimsical, and a little retro chic. A Moroccan looking metal side table/coffee table for your living room, a dreamy lamp for your bedroom’s bedside table and a cool looking colander for those few times you step into the kitchen and decide to cook (well…clearly I’m calling myself out here about cooking…probably most of you step into the kitchen more than once in a blue moon).

Table lamp with graduated green, blue and gree stacked glass
Cooled Globes Lamp – $298.00 – (Table lamp with graduated stacked glass orbs in green, blue and grey)(above)

Bright green retro colander
Perennial Mini Colander – $12.00 – (Colorful enamel strainers. Retro style for the kitchen and cooking.)(above)

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