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Kitchen with marble subway walls, white cabinets, dark wood floors, vintage light fixture over the island and Drucker's French Bistro barstools, an  ILVE Majestic stove with a bass hood and a black molded entry way
An exclusive look at my friend JG’s awesome kitchen! (above)

Got these fab photos the other day from friend JG. She just finished renovating her kitchen in her historic home!  Love these photos…adore this kitchen and am completely in awe of the centerpiece of the kitchen – a stunning shiny brass hood over the stove!

JG  designed this kitchen herself.  She did a fantastic job!  Besides the brass hood, the fact that JG designed this kitchen herself is so amazing. The finest materials were used throughout…a custom made brass range hood, an ILVE Majestic stove, Christopher Peacock cabinetry, custom green marble top kitchen island, it looks like Calacatta gold herringbone patterned marble backsplash behind the stove and counter to ceiling marble tiles in a subway pattern around the rest of the kitchen.  Love the glossy black crown molding and trim…adds a hint of sophisticated glamour.

JG says she decided to go with the stunning brass hood because of the gold in the marble backsplash. The island base concept she had always envisioned – an island table! JG says the island was brought to life through the help of Michael Carbine Restorations and Monica James and was inspired by a coffee table she saw in Monica James Interior Design store in Miami.

So without another word I bring you JG’s wonderful kitchen…

Kitchen with ILVE Majestic stove and custom brass hood to match the knobs and pulls
A luxury Italian made ILVE Majestic stove and the custom brass hood to match the knobs and pulls! (above)

Kitchen with brushed nickel Rohl pot filler above the range is mounted on a Calacatta gold marble backsplash set in a herringbone pattern
A brushed nickel Rohl pot filler above the range is mounted on a Calacatta gold marble backsplash set in a wonderful herringbone pattern. (above)

Close up of glass front Sub Zero refrigerator in a kitchen
A glass front Sub Zero refrigerator! (above)

Kitchen with glass upper cabinets with metal cage detailing
Glass upper cabinets with a wonderful metal detail. (above)

Kitchen with marble subway walls, white cabinets, dark wood floors, black trimmed windows, vintage light fixture over the island and Drucker's French Bistro barstools
JG found the vintage light fixture over the kitchen island on 1st Dibs and the Drucker’s French Bistro barstool at Walters . (above)

Did I mention how much I love the color of the dark brown wood floors?

Thank you JG and AG for sharing these fab photos of your kitchen. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you feeding my design addiction! Thank you! Thank you. Beautiful beautiful space. I am honored to have it here on COCOCOZY first! I can’t wait to see it in person on my next visit!

Readers hope you enjoyed this COCOCOZY EXCLUSIVE of this amazing kitchen.

Happy Wednesday!



P.S.  Okay my 48 hour 2 city trip is over.  I am back in Los Angeles this morning.  What an amazing whirlwind trip.  So productive.  Here’s how it went…

P.P.S. Stop 1 – Atlanta – After a late night photo shoot on Saturday night, I flew out of L.A. on Sunday evening…straight to Atlanta.  On Monday, I headed right over to the Christian Mosso Associates showroom in Atlanta where the COCOCOZY collection has a permanent space.  I got to touch base with the very sweet showroom owners Laura and Christian and got a brief moment to catch up with fab showroom manager Nicole W.  I added new items to the collection (so spent some time stuffing pillows) and gave an hour long presentation to the 9 or so sales reps introducing new items and just chit chatting about COCOCOZY textiles and new offerings.  The reps were so sweet.  We had a nice talk…getting ready for market.  After meeting with the reps, I hopped in a car and went over to meet with RT a very nice buyer from a well known furniture company…we are trying to figure out how to collaborate on a project.  Great meeting there too.

Sunrise from an airplane window in Atlanta
My view out of the airplane window  – sunrise yesterday morning in Atlanta…just before take off on the way to Charlotte, NC.  Caught up on a little design reading if you can make that out in the reflection. (above)

P.P.P.S.  Stop 2 – North Carolina – The next day…yesterday…Tuesday…was the best.  I got up at 4 in the morning to catch a 7am flight out of Atlanta to Charlotte, NC where I was meeting best of friend AM who was flying in from New York City (poor AM had to be at the airport at LaGuardia at 5am so she was up at about 3:30a).  AM and I were off to a top secret meeting in the middle of North Carolina with a very interesting home furnishings company who has been in business for almost a hundred years and who potentially may want to partner with COCOCOZY on a collection.  It was so exciting and fun.  First, it was so cool to have AM there…she is my best of friend…she knew this was the first type of meeting I’ve taken like this for COCOCOZY so she hopped on a plane without a blink to lend her business acumen and to give some great advise (AM is a Harvard Business School graduate and has so much success in business that I felt very comfortable having her there with me).   So AM and I met up at the Charlotte airport at about 8am…rented a Dodge Durango…and drove off into the North Carolina country.  Almost 2 hours later (due to a failed attempt to find a Starbucks via the GPS), we arrived at our destination and to a warm greeting from the group we were meeting with which included the super smart and nice TW, amazing CC and the very charming two J’s.  We had a three and half hour meeting discussing their business (all new to me and AM) and how we might partner together.  You know when you go someplace, meet a nice group of people and you feel like something clicks?  Well that happened during our little excursion.  Oh and K was so nice to bring lunch in for us.  It was just such an inviting warm friendly group who are clearly amazing at what they do in business.  After saying our good byes to our new friends (and potential business partners), AM and I got back on the road, almost got lost (I tend to argue with the decisions the GPS lady makes and AM encouraged me to just follow the GPS lady’s instructions), but we made it back to the airport in time to both hop on our flights back to our respective cities.  I got home at midnight…had to lug two suitcases of samples up to my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  Am a little tired this morning back here in Los Angeles (I am sure AM is exhausted…did I mention she has two children 4 and 2!)…and I have to head off to my wonderful regular job that I also love. A new day begins.

P.P.P.P.S. I think I tell you guys all of my stories of running around building the COCOCOZY business in hopes of inspiring you.   It does take some doing to get any endeavor going whether personal or professional…but if you have an idea and you want to make it happen, make it happen. 🙂  If I can do it, I know you can too…whether it be going after something in your personal life or getting something started in your professional life…jump in, jump in with all of your heart and make it happen.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Have a wonderful day. xo

Photos: JG

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  1. love, love the kitchen! can you find out where the stools around the island are from? i love them and need new ones desperately. glad you had a nice trip to NC. i live in charlotte and there really are lots of nice,warm people here.hope business deal goes well.i had a clothing,accessory store for 19 years (closed in ’09) i bought stuff from Christian Mosso showroom. they have wonderful products.

  2. That kitchen is aMAYzing… the marble tiles are gorgeous… the whole thing works!

    as for YOU! WOW, you are such a great inspiration! I am working on getting my real estate business back on track..this post is right on time. Congratulations to you…keep on keepin’ on!!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I am speechless. Gorgeous!

  4. In awe and in Love!
    Dying over the brass hood! Very rich looking …. Perfection!

  5. Hi Coco,

    Your friend’s kitchen definitely belongs on the cover of a magazine. So gorgeous and such talent! The hood is a show stopper. I bet the food she makes is delicious too!

    Btw, thanks for your second to last ps. Reading about your business is very inspiring.


  6. Kerry, JG sent me information about the stools and I added it into the post.

    Stuffiheart – ILVEs are top of the line stoves…they are made in Italy and are the best of the best. The price is high but the quality and styling seem to be fantastic…I think they can run around $5-$15K but probably the regular sizes around $10K.

  7. Thank you for sharing this- it simply is the most beautiful kitchen i have ever seen. Your friend did not miss a detail.

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