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Living room with ticking stripe sofa chairs, exposed beams, a white fireplace, reclaimed wood coffee table, french doors with a sisal rug

I like this upstate New York cottage from interior designer Shawn Henderson.  Comfy, cozy, understated, fitting for the setting. Love the living room with the exposed beamed ceiling and the wood furniture with the ticking stripe cushions. And then there is the copper tub in the master bath…love that.

I would call this cottage well edited.  Definitely gives off the vibe of being a outside of the city country home with out screaming “I am a country cottage”.  i would like to spend a weekend getaway here!

kitchen with tongue grove ceiling, dark wood floor, white cabinets and black counter countertops

family room with trestle dining table, red sofa chairs, sisal rug, wall mounted television, vaulted ceiling beams, a fire place, french doors and a patterned sofa

bedroom with sisal rug beadboard, green headboard, a green leather sofa with a plaid throw, dark wood floor, a bench style nightstand and a small window

master bathroom with stand alone copper tub, dark wood floors, white walls, a small table used to hold towels, a window and poster with different insects

exterior of a white cottage

What do you think of this cottage home?  Like or dislike?  My favorite room is the living room.  Which do you like best.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Tomorrow, I am going to bring you a tour of a new cute little vintage shop I discovered this past weekend here in Los Angeles.

P.P.S.  Am about to go sign a lease on some very very small office space for COCOCOZY today.  Just need a new place for my operations assistant and possible intern to work out of during business hours.  The office is small small small, it is in a shabby older building but in a good location (right in the heart of Beverly Hills).  The owner says he’ll put in new hardwood floors for me.  There is also room for expansion in the building if I need more space.  It is only about 400 square feet of space and has a strange partition with louvered windows in it too.  It is in a great location – near my day job office – so I could easily pop by during lunch if I had to.  We’re currently working in a space that will not do and I have to move COCOCOZY business offices as soon as possible.  This tiny tiny office is very expensive for the size because of where it is located. Does the rule about location, location, location apply to office space too?  What would you do?  Tiny offices in a shabby building in Beverly Hills or slightly bigger offices in who knows what kind of building elsewhere?  Should I wait or sign?  We are not doing a showroom yet…hopefully that will come in 2013…this is just a place for my peeps to work out of during the day.  Argggghhhhhhh.  My appointment is at 3pm with the lease office.  Help.  Here are some pictures.

COCOCOZY HQ pre-decoration
A view of part of the small office space in Beverly Hills. (above and below)

COCOCOZY HQ pre-decoration

P.P.P.P.S.  Wish I had pictures of other options.  I went to look at a space in the Pacific Design Center (PDC).  The space at the PDC had low ceilings and no windows and it totally made me feel claustrophobic.  It was larger than this tiny space for sure but had no windows…yikes.  The pros of this tiny space in Beverly Hills are that it is centrally located, there are windows that look right onto Beverly Drive (a block from Rodeo), it has windows that open and it has light.  It is small small small small for the money though.  Oh dear. I have a huge decision making problem.  Help.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Would look forward though to decorating this small space though.  Have ideas for a cute work space already.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  On another note, SM is so fabulous…she is working on some great things for COCOCOZY that I’ll be able to squawk about later this year.  Very excited.  Will also tell you who SM is at a later date as well!

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  Have a great day! xo

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  1. Wow! Nothing like success and progress! Will you be able to remove the partition? Will you ever have meetings/interviews/consultations in the space? I see you in this Beverly Hills space, in a mini showroom/office. LOCATION is always important! Best of luck to you!From Mela in Seattle

  2. small windowless ugly office = no productivity. This office makes me consider working for you for free! Seriously though, consider location for you. Worth the money maybe for it to be close to you during the day. And if a client did need to come by for a meeting – location & office very polished/presentable/chic in BH.

  3. Natural light makes everything better. If you can handle the payment, I would go for it. Plus, in a pinch, you could use the window side of the divider as a small “showroom”. And do you really want to travel a long distance to check in at this office. Think about all the time you will save being close…our time is valuable too!

  4. Think of the traffic in LA. If this office is easy to get to, it may be worth giving up some space. Too bad the PDC office sounds dreadful. Good luck.

  5. Your decision all depends on whether or not you want to make a profit margin. Expensive space for peeps that is fun to decorate sounds like a cash suck in my opinion. Better to build up your bucks for eventual showroom when location will matter.

  6. I think dumpy neighborhood for less money is better than tiny and tony. I don’t know where your day job is but I know there are lots of less expensive places near BH.

  7. I like the office space, love the house too, I don’t think you can work in a space that doesn’t have windows/natural light, perhaps you need to keep looking, as there are some valid point made above.
    Love love love the cottage!

  8. It is probably too late…but I can completely relate. I just went through this last month myself. When you are looking for a smaller office/studio space the options are not good and typically have poor light. I am a designer, and like you, need natural light to see colour and feel inspired. Hardwood will make a big difference. If it is within the budget, you can’t go wrong. Way better than spending all your time commuting. Good luck!

  9. I’m certain I’m too late but I would tell you to hold off…
    I speak from experience when I tell you to wait on this louver window, fluorescent light tiny office space even if
    it’s in Beverly Hills. I would suggest you get a quaint, holmy little space in West Hollywood or adjacent. There is something so special to that part of town. I see it as
    you being part of a community full of creative offices and colorful shops and stores. Rent has to be comparable, right?
    In case what ever happens it’s all good and all part of
    of your company growing and growing!!

  10. The office space seems to have good light and a tree view from the window, but consider the size and the price! Don’t be so taken with the Beverly Hills location.
    I would wait on signing and look a bit further.

  11. Nuts I missed out on the excitement! That`s what I get for missing reading your posts for a day!! Sounds like a tough call re the office space – just because of the price. The location looks like you could do alot with it, love the big bright windows – perfect to showcase your products and how nice for your staff. Being able to open the windows is a huge advantage. So I hope you got the place and were able to negotiate the price down a bit! Your story is so inspiring.

  12. I’m generally a location person, and I think this office space is really cute! But if you decide to keep looking, you should consider one of the trending and less expensive neighborhoods like Culver City or Downtown. I visited friends in both those places last time I was in LA and loved it.

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