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Living room in a tiny apartment with light colored walls, a shag rug, white sofa with pink pillows, Roman curtains over a large window and a "dining room" with a white table with upholstered Louis XIV chairs

I like this little space in Spain. A small little 1 bedroom apartment that is 570 square feet at most…but made to feel open and airy…light and bright.

Here are 5 things you can do to make your small space feel big:

1. Light colored furniture and accessories – the white sofa, lacquered white would pieces and light color rugs, help make the space feel bigger than it is.

2. Clear things – Go clear. If in a small space, strategically pick a few furniture items to go clear. Lucite or glass pieces mean an unobstructed view of a small space.  See the coffee table in this living room (above) but there are a million lucite or glass pieces like chairs, dining tables, side tables and more in the marketplace today.

3. Sheer window coverings and large windows – The more light you let into your small space the better…bring the outdoors in by using shades that let a bit of natural light shine through.

4. Use interior sliding, pocket or barn doors – Don’t let a regular door take up space.  When you can trade out a regular door for a sliding door.  This means they’ll be less square footage taken up for the door to open and close and more footage for furniture and open spaces.

5. White walls with a feature wall here or there – Not ground breaking but true…light walls make a small space feel larger.  So paint all walls white (and I like bright white…not off white or beige) and then take one small wall in a bedroom (as seen below) or living space and use wallpaper or paint to add a burst of  color or texture to a room.

In this small apartment, an open living plan was used for the kitchen, dining and living area.  Normally I’m not a fan of open living rooms but this one definitely works.

Living room in a tiny apartment with wood floor, white walls, Roman curtains and an accent wall to divide the room
Kitchen in a tiny apartment with wood floor, white Louis XIV chairs, stainless appliances, white cabinets and white countertops

Bedroom in a tiny apartment with one wall covered in wallpaper, wood floor, a shag rug, white floating nightstands on which holds a silver lamp the other a flower arrangement, the bed has sienna colored pillows and a matching patterned throw

Close up of the white floating nightstand with a wicker basket underneath for more storage

Close up of the foot of the bed with a large window an a wooden chair with neutral cushions

Bathroom in a tiny apartment

What do you think of this small apartment?  Could you live in the space?  What tricks do you have for making a small room in your house just feel a tiny bit bigger?  Do share!  I love reading your comments.

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Please go to COCOCOZY Twitter to see some new colorways I am adding to the COCOCOZY textiles collection for the New York Gift Fair in about two weeks.  Am also adding cotton pillows!!!

Photo: Mi Casa Revista


  1. i live in approx. 600 sq. feet but have refrained from the white theme because i was afraid it would be too “cold”, however, i am inspired by this palette and clever utilization of space! thank you! s. mcclain

  2. I could live there easy. What a fabulous job on this place! My daughter has a large studio and she separated the bedroom by having a pretty, white console from Ballard Design sticking out part way in front of the large opening to bedroom area so that it would block the bed, then hanging a lovely, white designed sheer tapestry? from ceiling to the buffet for a division. Worked beautifully for keeping it light but private.

  3. I could EASILY live in this wonderful space, but the bathroom would have to be a tad more private for me. (I’m a little shy and like a door to such rooms). Granted…you may not have many guests in such a petite space so it may not be an issue. Regardless, this apartment is sdorable, beautiful, and CLASSY.

  4. I love seeing small homes with beautiful decor. I recently moved from a 2,000 sq. ft. home to 730 sq. ft. This fabulous home gives me inspiration!

  5. I think this place looks great! I love it!! This is going to be great inspiration for my new apartment 🙂 My best trick for small spaces is MIRRORS. Lots of mirrors! They make any room look bigger!

  6. Yes, I could totally live here! I would only mix up the color scheme a bit – I love how light and airy it is, but would rather add a few darker tones to accentuate the place instead of light pinks. The way it is now s a bit too girly for me. But what a great find, I’m definitely saving a few pics for future reference, thanks! 🙂

  7. This is for me..a senior citizen..I could do with a little less of the furniture that is covered with formica..I guess thats what it is..I might make it natural wood..rustic looking..etc..on the other hand..those pieces are probably very easy to take care of and would be great when small children are around..

  8. Great inspiration! To live well and happy, you don’t need a large space with high-end design, any space can make you happy if it’s designed with taste and if it makes you love the way you live!

  9. Love it… i especially love the living area.. the sofa looks so comfortable and beautiful yet casual.. and the little tree stump table is super cute

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